Caroline looked at these photos tonight before bed. After we read Chapter Four in the Pippi Longstocking book, the one where Pippi goes to school and draws her horse on the classroom florr, Caroline asked me about the Vineyard again. She started in with, "Mommy, I missed you when you were at the Vineyard."

"Mommy, when I get bigger can I go to the Vineyard?"

"and, we can run and yell and eat ice cream?"

"and build a sandcastle?"

"where will we sleep when we go to the Vineyard?" "in a house we will borrow."

"will I have a bed?" "Of course! You and Connor and Mommy and Daddy will all have beds."

"and we will eat lobsters?"

"and then we will put the lobsters in the water?"

"and the birds will go under the sea (yes, she said THE SEA?!) because they are hungry for lobster"

"and then the lobsters will go back into the water."

We sat nose to nose, my arm under her, hers over me.

I looked into those gorgeous brown smiling eyes, smiling about a place she's been to but cannot remember.

I imagined looking into those same eyes again next summer the night before we leave for our getaway from it all trip to this perfect place. I could almost see her excitement, her happiness for this place she will surely grow to love.

beaches, sun, gentle rolling hills of post fence lined streets, bike trails, sand castles, fudge, picnics, photo shoots, lily pulitzer, ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream, and those lobsters of course.

I ask her everyday when I say goodnight what the best part of her day was. Her answers sometimes make me smile and sometimes make me laugh out loud. I cannot wait to see what she has to say on the last day of her first week on this magical island.

that island will be ours, if only for a little while on borrowed land, in borrowed house, with borrowed lobster pot, and borrowed landscape 

but it will ours in memory, spirit and love... to look back on and orward to all the year through.


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