should have

This morning when we woke up we should have been taking Connor back to school after a little sick day. We should have been sharing stories of bravery, popsicles, and flavored anethesia. We should have been breathing the sigh of relief we have wanted to sigh since November.

We scheduled Connor's tubes for Wednesday. They called me on SUNDAY to do the pre-screen health evaluation and he didn't pass muster. He had been treated for croup and the nurse on the line said we would have to wait at least 3 weeks, as many as 6. I accepted this fact at first, but later when I shared this information with Steve we questioned it.

Our kids get barky ALL the time. That stridor is ALL too common in this house. Every cold means a seal will be heard racing from her bed to ours or barking over the video monitor. Sure, Connor had been a little croupy, but I never turned on the steamy shower. I had never had a crouping baby lying on my chest. Just one little croupy cough in the night, a little stridor the next day when he coughed.

I called back. "Let me explain," I said. "I don't think you understand," I told her. She interrupted me with "he's not even on the fence." "Do you want to risk intubation?" "We cannot even consider it." Her tone was harsh, her words curt. I felt a single tear on my cheek and brushed it away, but more followed. Of course I knew this was a minor procedure, of course I knew that relatively speaking these ear infections were more a nuisance to Connor than a serious medical issue. I back pedaled, "I just wanted clarification," but was interrupted bluntly again and told that the earliest they would even consider it was three weeks and only if he was symptom free, no cough. I cannot recall a time in the past 7 months that Connor has not had a cold or cough for three full weeks. I told her this and she dared to challenge my assertion.

June 15th. He'll get his tubes on June 15th. That nurse labeled me pushy mom and I didn't like it. I didn't like it enough that I told the scheduler when she called how terrible my experience had been with the health assessment. Now I'm sure Connor's chart has a flag for his mother's reaction to him not being cleared for this procedure and I don't care. If I won't advocate for him, who will? June 15th.

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  1. They did the pre-screen evaluation over the phone? That nurse that was snarky with you didn't even listen to the kid's lungs? Yes, you have EVERY right to question that nurse. If anything, you should have been allowed to visit your pedi to get him clearance that yes, he is fine. I would do more than complain to the scheduler, is there anyone else you can talk to?