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I've carried our shiny new iPad in my work bag a handful of times since it arrived at our front door. I haven't been brave enough to find a place in the day to whip it out and get in touch with the world. It's honestly foreign to me now to check Facebook and twitter or read blogs or even check the news during my work day. I have my smartphone, but I'm in the car and I barely like making calls while I drive (though between you and me there have been a few times I have needed to talk on the phone, drive over the tobin bridge, and read information from my laptop - it happens don't judge me).

So I'm here, at a panera, blogging. It's time to break this puppy in!

Steve is away today and overnight at a nearby casino for a "business meeting." I didn't think business meetings required a stop at an ATM between periods of a Stanley Cup Finals game, but who I am to question it. He got home in time to tuck caro into bed during our "favorite part of the day" rundown. She asked where he had been.

Me: "Daddy had to go to the bank for $200."
Daddy: "Mommy is a smart one."
Me: "mommy knows this because she would have gotten $300."

Using a very complicated kind of math "Stevie math" I knew how much he would get. It has taken me years to perfect my skills with "Stevie math." The common denominator is that he hates spending money on himself. He'll guiltily share that he bought new cleats. He'll show me the new socks he practically stole from kohls. He will not spoil himself.

I take a peek at the accounts, make purchases I can justify us needing and move on, often not sharing that I made a morning pit stop at Target... The land of not getting out of here for under $100.

In the ten years I have known him we have developed a much better understanding of each other's spending habits. I'll often go weeks without a single off list item only to bust out a week that includes ikea, target, nordstrom, and carters. Steve will monitor our spending so closely that he knows exactly how much we have in each account at end of business each day. I'm not z big spender, but compared to him I am and that is ok. As in so many other aspects of our life we balance each other out.

I told him this morning to stop at the ATM by the kids' school and grab another $100. He doesn't need my permission. He doesn't need to check with me. Sometimes he just needs someone to tell him it's okay to grab a little extra for himself.

I hope he comes home up, but even if he doesn't, I'll know he had maybe a smidge more fun with a little extra dough.

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