The smell that hit me when I opened the door

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you've read about my recent gardening exploits. Namely, you understand that I spread 16 bags of mulch in the front yard over the course of two afternoons. You see, when we bought this house we inherited an amazing perennial garden. Beds and beds of yet to be discovered green things just up and grew this spring and summer and while it has been fun to watch, I have not idea what I am doing. It is all I can do to water the plants. Oh the kids will love it I always think until I remember midway through that they both can't spray at the same time and Con would rather put his hands into the spray than water the plants and one runs away and the other ends up in a mud puddle and, yeah, you get it. I try hard to water them in the evening, but that it pretty much as far as I have gotten. Rabbits and deer seem to be eating a few things completely to the ground and pests are destroying my roses and I can't seem to get it together to figure out how to deal with either of those situations. Steve bought ten more bags of mulch last week and we are still not done mulching the FRONT beds.

I am fortunate to be able to schedule my own day, with few exceptions, and I am often home before the kids needs to be picked up. I do my paperwork, make any outstanding calls, and then I tackle something around the house before getting dinner going. Lately I have been torn between the outside upkeep and you know, scrubbing the toilets or vacuuming. It's funny, you cannot wait to have this castle to call your own and then wham, you cannot possibly keep on top of it.

Enter Camila. After my epic mulching session that concluded with a round of toilets inside the house(we have three in case you cared) Steve called Kiki and made arrangement for her Camila to come visit our house. She did a little walkthrough, I bought more cleaning supplies to help her, and yesterday when I opened the door to the house the smell that hit me almost made me weep. I took deep lung capacity breaths in of a smell so clean and amazing that I had to take it easy or else I would breathe in all the good smell and there would be none left for Steve when he came home.

Every surface, every floor, every rug, every toilet, every shower, every picture frame, every little knicks knack: clean. All at once. ALL AT ONCE.

Of course, last night was taco night and the aforementioned lovers of rice created quite a situation on the kitchen floor. Steve immediately went into overdrive to maintain the clean and I laughted out loud. There was a time in his life when he would have been incapable of distinguishing clean from dirty. This morning the dishwasher was clean and we didn't have time to empty it. He hand washed each plate, each cup, each fork.

I never imagined I would need this help. I never imagined wanting it, but now that I have it, I dont want to be without it again. I just hope Camila knows how much of an impact she is making on my life, on my family's life, on the harmony and balance in the house. Well worth it, even spendthrift Steve thinks so.

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  1. That is the best...I hope you use her regularly without guilt. We had a woman come in one Saturday to do our big spring/summer cleaning and when I got home with the boys that night, I could have wept at the sight of the house. Sparkling from floor to ceiling. Then we sold and I can't justify bringing someone in to clean this house that will soon belong to someone else, but someday....