Spanish, pilaf and organic brown

Like most parents, Steve and I spend a great deal of time trying to convince our children to eat their dinner, to try their veggies, to have just one more bite. It's a fine line we walk between battling it out and encouraging. As often as I say it out loud that "we do not fight about food," most nights there is some chiding and bargaining. It's exhausting in many ways to prepare a meal and realize that your children probably won't touch it. Connor is much more willing to practice his new fork skills, but Caroline will often sit silently pushing her food or ignoring it completely before breaking down when a Popsicle is offererd to her brother and not her. Once we open the Popsicle flood gates there is no turning back and this is when we get down and dirty with exactly how much/how little of her dinner she must ingest before she too can get a Popsicle.

I used to be the slowest eater I had ever met. These days I frequently have a stomach ache at the end of meal from shoveling it all into my mouth as fast as I possibly can all while fielding requests for more juice or lately, rice.

That's right. Rice. Connor and Caroline will eat any rice presented to them and they want seconds and sometimes thirds and darned if I can argue with that. I put some meat on connor's fork mixed with rie and poof, it's gone. Caroline wants seconds of rice? Well, you'll have to have three bites of meat before I can grant that request and you better hurry because the pot is almost empty. And she does.

Do they make a rice popsicle yet?


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