The one where you all roll your eyes

Bathing suit season did not come quietly for me this year. At the end of august when I returned to work at the hospital (aka the gross error in judgement), I was fresh off my 8 months home with the kids post Connor and post move. We still hadn't sold our house. We still didn't know if we would and yet all that stress and the subsequent stress eating was entirely absent from my frame. At the hospital I barely sat still, racing all over my floor, racing to the nursing moms lounge, fitting in 20 minute lunches. Starting my work for hospice just before the holidays was ill-timed to say the least. There is no running around, there is driving around. All those holidays goodies and every single thing since that I stuff my pie hole with in the car has nowhere to go but my hips. I'm not running it off chasing my kids. I'm no longer feeling like I have no time to eat at the hospital. I just drive and chew and as the stress of my job has increased I spend more time eating while driving. My phone rings and I reach for a granola bar, it buzzes a text message and I'm digging for a snack. The one good thing is that somehow my husband prepares a nice lunch for me each morning and this has kept me from frequenting fast food or giving into the temptations along my route. You try driving by anna's taqueria 3 days a week, I dare you. It's not unhealthy eating, there is just a lot of sitting and driving.

Steve is involved in a weigh loss challenge. Maybe he doesn't want you to know, but I do because I am so proud of him. His tremendous efforts are paying off and I decided to join him in his healthy eating and exercise routine. Since two weeks ago I am down only about five pounds, but I feel better, I feel more energized, I look better in my clothes. I wish I could tell you his two week weight loss, you would join me in cheering for him, but he is keeping it to himself before his halfway weigh in with his competitor who will remain nameless.

I'm not crying fat here. I'm not asking for sympathy either. I have spent most of my 30-something years eating with reckless abandon, outeating boys, and never thinking twice about having one more sea salt caramel... Or five more.

This job was the wake up call. This stressful, sit all day job has forced me to really look at what I am eating and also what i am not doing physically. It's not a good idea to eat cheetos because I can get away with it. It's not healthy to eat all that cheese because I can. It's the perfect time in life for me to wake up and realize that what I put into my body has a direct correlation to how long my soul resides within its shell. So thanks to Steve for giving me a new healthy philosophy. I'm sure he would never expect to hear that related to this topic, but I'm thankful.

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  1. i am with you: thin does not necessarily equal healthy. good for you!