For Ann - The Great Stroller Debate

Ann commented back there a few posts ago inquiring about stroller rentals and her wish is my command a la Aladdin's Genie. (See, all WDW all the time here.)  Here is the information for all you would be Orlando Stroller Rental debaters to digest and file away.

According to my WDW Bible, all parks have rentals and you can even simplify your life by purchasing a length of stay stroller pass. This would enable you to pay once and pick up a stroller each morning with no hassle whatsoever. I also saw that one rental in one park could be "hopped" to another park, meaning if you start your day at Epcot and decide to head to the Magic Kingdom after you force your children to REST, REST, REST for the love of all that is holy, you can simply switch parks and have a stroller with no hassle at the new park. Nice feature. I was almost sold. Then I read about how the strollers might not be very appropriate for littler ones and that while they are a great improvement from the blue ancient strollers from my era of WDW, they aren't very comfortable. I read things about bringing blankets to make them more comfortable and ugh. That was a bummer.

I started looking into other options mainly because I had a panicked moment where I thought about these scenarios:

Getting children, towels, sunscreen and snacks from hotel room to pool and back with potentially exhausted children

Waiting for the bus to drive us toward the parks.

Waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel.

Getting from the dock at Fort Wilderness to the Hoop De Doo Review and back.

See where I am going with this. If I leave the stroller at the park, yes, I won't have to be labored with a stroller, but I will be chasing two tired and cranky children in the Florida heat. Sounds fun right?

I then considered the annoyance of having to fold up and transport said rented stroller from the park on the bus and on the monorail and in a cab and that wasn't so fun, but you know what is less fun? Dealing with a tired on the lose Con Con, that's what.

So my friends in my WDW Bible recommended a resource and it sounds to be good to be true. Time will tell. I'll of course be sure to tell Ann (and all of you) my thoughts when we return.

Orlando Stroller Rentals

Not only was the price reasonable, but the stroller was also pretty amazeballs. All those worries about folding and transporting kind of disappeared when I watched the stroller in action courtesy of the the company site.

My one area of concern was theft. In the parks if someone takes your park issued rented stroller by accident, yes it is a pain, but you can easily have it replaced with little effort. It does happen, the Cast Members can and DO rearrange them in the stroller parking areas outside attractions. I cannot tell you how many times I saw parents looking through strollers for theirs only to give up and just grab one. This was how I amused myself outside "It's a Small World" on cooler days when no one was buying ice cream. I would wait for someone to snag someone else's stroller and then try to pick out the family searching for the stolen stroller. So having a non-WDW rental seemed ideal - it will stick out - it won't be confused for some other family's.... except it is a rental and there are bound to be other saavy tourists who did the same thing and there are some not nice people in the world. So I got the insurance. BINGO. BANGO. DONE. I even read on the site that the wheel comes off with the push of a button. If I am having a paranoid moment that wheel can come with me in my soon to be purchased Camelback Day Star.

That is (more than) my two cents worth on the topic of Strollers.

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  1. Love it. The founder is a genius and used to be a teacher in ct. OSR is also the sponsor of the dis boards. :)