"in one minute"

On Friday night Steve looked at me and asked me tell me our Disney trip synopsis "in one minute." He got that look in his eyes that said he meant no details, just the facts.

I took a deep breath and in 30 seconds told him.

"Land around 11:00, shuttle, pool, rest, Hoop De Doo.
Princess Breakfast, Magic Kingdom, pool, rest, Hollywood Studios, Pizza Planet, Fantasmic.
Animal Kingdom, pool, rest, Epcot, Biergarten, Illuminations.
Sea World or Water Park
Magic Kingdom, pool, rest, Magic Kingdom, Plaza, Main Street Electric Parade, Fireworks & Ferry.
Chef Mickey's, Take Off 4:30, land around 7."

and then I said, "very flexible."

Reading it, I guess it doesn't look all that flexible, but I swear it is.


  1. Love it. We saw Hoop de every time we went to Disney. Great show!

  2. I'm beginning to worry more about a meltdown from YOU than from the kids. The ultimate planner, I love it.