It's ok, I won't be offended

While I am going to desperately try not to become all Disney all the time in the next 36 days, I have to be honest, it's going to be extremly difficult. Between the rough spot I have found myself in professionally and the incredible excitement (the most excited by far is yours truly) it's kind of an awesome thing to look forward to. In 36 days.

Here's something: Tinkerbell watching over Caroline's smile chart to ensure she is on her very best behavior, just as good if not better than Santa himself and his little elf on a shelf Peter. Tonight when she got all her smiles, "Tinkerbell is going to be so happy!" ALL.HER.SMILES. Even the respect smile, by far the most challenging one on her chart these days thanks to sass.

Here's another thing: That sweet boy Connor is Mickey obsessed, pointing at him on TV, searching for him in the container of mini characters, trailing plush Mickey around the playroom behind him. We'll see if that lasts when he actually comes face to face with the real live 4 foot tall Mickey.

I spent four months in Florida in 1998, working for the Mouse, living with 5 other girls from NY, NJ and AR. I spent my days selling ice cream, popcorn, soda, frozen lemonade with my besties, and roasted nuts in Adventureland and Fanstasyland. I wore ridiculous outfits.

Here is me in action in Liberty Square at the Haunted Mansion entrance selling ice cream.

Look at that fresh faced 20-year-old Kerri. She seems happy enough, I mean she is selling Mickey Bars to smiling tourists, what's not to be happy about. She is absolutely freaking out inside though because she is working out of an apron and accepting cash only. Kerri's biggest strength is not Math. This caused much stress and anxiety, particularly with the fruit bars that were 2.75. WHO MAKES A BAR 2.75 WHEN PEOPLE ARE PAYING CASH??? Clearly, I'm not over it.

I have a rich Disney history. My parents first took Uncle Bubba and I when I was four, the same age as Caroline is today. My actual memories of that trip are limited to being absolutely terrified of Snow White's Scary Adventure and cruising around the Tommorrowland Speedway with my mother. We made several more trips including one when I was probably 17 that involved a 24-hour stratight roadtrip and nickaming my father Big Daddy as we cruised past the last Shoney's for 50 miles. My mother's entire family spent the day after Thanksgiving together in Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom while I was down there. It was special in the most special way. I haven't been back to Disney since I left my mouse ears and all their perks behind to return to school during a raging blizzard. I swore I wouldn't be back until I brought my own kids.

My father spent that entire first trip with my brother on his shoulders. We were probably too young to truly appreciate the experience, but I commend my parents for creating that magic for us, for just going because they knew we would love it, even if we didn't remember all the details. I always swore I wouldn't be a stroller wielding mother pushing my kids through people to get ahead to the next attraction. I should warn you that my attire for this adventure is pretty much limited to work out wear; tennis skirts, tanks, t's, sports bras. I rented a mack daddy double stroller for the kids last night. I created a powerpoint for Caroline to watch that includes trip rules, routines and even a TSA primer. Uncle Bubba would be proud. I have researched nearly 600 pages of an 800 page book that includes field tested touring plans. I have organized dinner reservations and created a plan so brilliant for our last night that I literally took a bow when I finalized it. I'll share it with you, when we get back. No secrets before we go. I don't want to look over at you standing in my spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade. My. Spot.

So I apologize in advance for all the Disney. Consider it something YOU can thank me for when you have some archives to review for all the planning tips and tricks I am sure to pass along when you start planning your own little Mickeypalooza.

Today's nugget. I purchased these
for splitting up drinks at the parks. No fighting, no needing their own drinks, no drama. Perfection.


  1. Of am such a loser....but I am so excited for you to go.....and I certainly look forward to all of your researched reports and plans when you get back. Learned on Sesame trip that traveling with children is a freaking science. Also interested in your sticker behavior plan...we have a really smart and manipulative little system worker on or hands these days. And that Snow White Adv will be closing someone soon! And also, have you found (here is where you say...she is a GIANT Disnerd) the Disney message boards?

  2. Bring it on! I can't wait to hear all the details. Our Disney adventure won't be for a few more years, I'm determined that both kids will be diaper free before we go. But that doesn't mean that I can't start educating myself now!