It's suspicious

The kids have had hacking coughs and runny noses since last weekend. The middle of the summer loathesome cold. As Friday rolled around and Connor still needed to be chased down several times each evening to wipe the GREEN discharge from his nose. It's gross and it made me start thinking; is this going to turn into an ear infection?

This is yet another example of the second baby phenomenon. With Caroline I would have taken her to the pedi for an ear check by Wednesday. With Connor I called casually on our way out to the grocery store Saturday morning. I got an appointment for 11:50. We shopped. We picked up trial sized items for Florida. Connor fell asleep at 11:00 in the car. Connor woke up to go back out to the doctor at 11:30. He and I waited until 12:30 to go in to see the MD. We waited until 12:45 for him to come in. This boy regularly naps at 1pm. The pedi looked in both ears, declaring the left clear and the right "suspicious." He said it was difficult to see past the tube. He removed some wax with the fancy micro wax remover tool. He looked again. The green goop, the "suspicious" looking ear. Antibiotics 2x day for 10 days.

Poor Con Con. I hope it clears up quickly and completely for him.


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