Lo, the sick.

I posted a couple weeks back that the kids' goopy noses had resulted in antibiotics for Connor. Those colds started to resolve last weekend and all was happy in the world. Until Wednesday. When I woke up at 5am with the telltale "you are so getting a cold" sore throat. "Fabulous," I thought.

That same day I got a call from daycare that Connor had a fever, had not been interested in sprinkler day and had not eaten. So I took the poor little bug home, in his vomit covered car seat, and spent the afternoon with him on my chest. We feared for Caroline and later that night she spiked a temp. Steve and I pulled off the ultimate coup the next day splitting it into morning and afternoon. Steve had wild Indians. I had spiked temps and sweaty nappers.

In the midst of all of this sick, my amazing sister in law auntie Colleen and hokie were busy at the hospital bringing their little boy into the world. I sent Steve to the hospital to see his nephew and while he was gone, I spiked a fever.

Steve had a golf weekend he offered to cancel, but I wouldn't have it. Steve's parents offered a beach respite on Saturday, but between connor's fresh behavior and my continued illness, it just wasn't a good idea. I aborted the mission. We did do a little swing by the hospital for the most well of our little group to meet her cousin, Lyle. The plan was for me to call to have the grandparents come down to retrieve the preschooler, but she was having none of it. A balloon later she she was tearful and scared and meeting her cousin in person. Colleen graciously let me see him, but I felt super guilty even catching a glimpse of him in person. His perfect little pouty lips and dark hair.

The weekend continued from there; fever gone. Fever spiked. And repeat. The kids were mostly better, but Caroline spiked again last night, approximatly 4 hours after Steve returned from his golf and a double header softball game. I managed to get it together to bring the kids to thie game and they witnessed him hit a walk off to win the first of the two games. I sent them over to him, running full speed and man, I doubt I've ever seen him happier.

I pulled it together this weekend, I wasn't always the best mom, but it was the best I could manage given the perfect storm of asshatness I was presented with. I cannot wait to hold my new baby nephew, but I can wait until I don't pose a danger to him and his mom.

Until then, I'll just keep bringing balloons.


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