allow me to make you smile on this depressing rainy afternoon

I dare you to watch this and not smile at least once! Double Dare, Triple Stamp it, no take backsies.

Sure, the camera work is shoddy, there are moments where we are sprinting along and you might get a wee bit sea sick, but it's magical. I tried extra hard to capture the kids' expressions, so there is some camera flippery that is annoying and I DON'T CARE.

Here is just a little taste of our trip.

My own personal favorite moments - Caroline dancing outside the gates to Magic Kingdom, Steve and Caroline on Dumbo, the shaky castle shot (we were cutting it close for breakfast with the princesses and didn't want to keep them waiting), Caroline during Fantasmic, and me needing to "Wow!" all the fireworks at Illuminations while Connor frantically Maggie Simpson'd his paci because the lights, the booms, it was all just too much.

I hemmed and hawed on the music. Not only will it get a big GOLD star from Uncle Marc, but I think it sums up how all parents feel taking their kids somewhere so magical, so full of excitement, you just don't want them to stop believing.

and because I was on a roll...



  1. Like. Very much like. Great job.

  2. OMG. Smiles and tears running down my face. SO magical. So awesome. I cannot wait to take my girls. xxoo

  3. Kelly8:09 PM

    Love all the videos!! They made me tear up!! So magical! I cannot wait to take my kids. Mackenzie loved watching the princess video :)

  4. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Love them Kerri! Now I can't wait to start planning and saving for our trip in a few years! And you do realize these movies are going to make you bawl as the kids get older, especially number 2, Connor's face on Dumbo...OMG!

    Beth (for some reason my blogger ID isn't working)