Brief day 5 recap

We just finished packing everything up for our return trip to Boston tomorrow and I am far too tired to provide a proper recap, but the day was too wonderful not to jot some highlights down.

Started at Hollywood studios thanks to the fabulous Julie who met us at the gate. We snagged a fast pass for Toy story mania, saw the voyage of the little mermaid and playhouse Disney live and then raced back to toy story where we had to convince Caroline she would like this ride. She did and in Fact announced she won! I rode with Connor and halfway in he wanted to do All the shooting - so much fun.

By 10:30 we were en route to the magic kingdom by way of TTC and the monorail. Routine maintenance check on our train and during those five minutes some evil troll took hold of my son as he pinched, slapped, scratched and pulled my hair. It was almost my undoing.

Yet, into the magic kingdom we went and even those promised and planned for balloons could not settle him into better spirits. We headed straight to pecks bill's for the burger bar and things seemed happier momentarily.

We had planned a fee hours there before a nice long rest to prep for parade and fireworks.

We rode the magic carpets. Caroline rode Thunder mountain TWICE, though the second ride was admittedly forced on her so I could ride. We used the rider switch pass and literally walked onto the train. As we rode I thought, this isn't a baby coaster, my girl is riding this???

Popsicles. Meltdown. A trip to the baby center, a very hard moment when we aborted plan code name rest and decided to make it through- straight through. Connor finally fell asleep, for almost 3 hours, and I met back up with steve and Caroline in time to share a dole whip and catch the 3pm parade. In that time she had met Ariel and Eric again and steve snagged some cute photos of them looking over the ledge into the water for flounder. Then she met Rosetta the fairy and tinkerbell. It became clear this day was misson character and we went with it.

Carousel twice, mickeys philharmagic, carousel, then princess tiana and naveen.

At 5:30 we realized we had just about 30 minutes before dinner at the plaza to do one more amazing thing.

Steve and i took one for the team and took the kids on tea cups and then caught sight of tigger and pooh. What a perfect way to end our trip, a long wait, but well worth it. Connor almost touched pooh, almost!

We ate at the plaza and headed to my parade spot in the train station. We ate cotton candy and waited and it was as fun and pretty to look at as I remembered.

We debated the fireworks. Could the kids make it? Was this a mistake? Caroline had no rest all day. We aborted to catch a ferry in hopes of watching them from the boat, but when we hit main street I saw the sign for the princesses and I couldn't resist.

We finished day 5, a day devoted to characters with Aurora and Cinderella. They spent so much time with Caroline and she was so happy and that was what this trip was for her. It wasnt about rides or thrills, it was about the magic. Once we gave in to that things went smoother. It was by far the hardest day we had, the one with the most challenges, but in so many ways it was the best day.

Mickey breakfast in the morning.
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