Day 1

Pouring rain this morning in Boston, special Thanks to Papa for ferrying us and our belongings to Logan. Connor was very excited to see "aah-plane." Caroline did not enjoy security. It was not the weather that delayed us, but apparently some "paperwork." for 90 minutes. Onboard the aircraft. In a plane filled with families traveling to Florida. Fun times, but at least we didn't have to worry about the kids being a disruption to those around us, so there is that.

Magical Express whisked us and two very tired, but over excited children to our hotel. Two tired children who had together eaten a bagel, a muffin, a bag of gummy worms, a container of cookies, and a bag of animal crackers with a few handfuls of goldfish crackers tossed in for good message all day long. All bets were off, the delay really sank it's teeth into my agenda. Our pools afternoon turned into a pool jaunt and Caroline really loved the kids play area with slides. She is still not a fan of the timed bucket of water than releases a ton of water on you, but I am sure by the end of the week... They have complimentary vests for safety and this was perfect for Caroline. I think even Connor is itching to get up there, but we'll see.

We dashed back to our room, magically met our luggage, and collected our stroller (amazing) and groceries from bell services. No hitches. All delivered as promised and what more can we ask for? The stroller has already been a lifesaver as one napped while waiting for the bus back to the hotel and wasn't that just the nightmare image I had in my mind when I decided to book. Do it!

Our room. Our room is amazing, thanks to some fancy work by my cousin's girlfriend Julie. Corner room water view in an amazing central location. Amazing. We were greeted in the room by a personalized signed photo of Mickey and a bouquet of balloons! The kids were ecstatic and at that moment, the trials of our day melted away. This was Disney, this was magic and it really has been.

Hoop de doo review. Caroline: loved it, cried when the singers stopped singing. Connor: absolutely terrified, cried when the singers started singing, though he did enjoy the meal. Caroline wanted so badly to get up on stage and dance with the dancers. At the end of the show she got to lead the dance train with one of the performers, took her hand even and off she went. So happy. Perfect ending. We took the ferry back to the magic kingdom entrance and wow, it just brings back so many memories. We could see the castle on the boat and the recognition and gleeful expression on her face made the day's challenges disappear.

We are up bright and early for the princess breakfast in the morning. I have a feeling it is going to be a magical day.

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  1. Oh my, I'm so happy Disney exists and that everyone gets their turn and it's magical every time. Have so much fun.