Day 3

We started out bright and early with some bananas and croissants at the bus stop headed for Animal Kingdom. We weren't sure what to expect, but we knew that the live shows would be a big hit- and they were, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Immediately following our arrival at the park we posed Caroline in front of a topiary of timon from lion king and wham, suddenly timon himself came out for photos. So we snagged that photo and autogrph opp, just before brer bear scared the ever-loving bejesus out of Connor. Character could not have not been nicer, got down to his level, held out his paw for Connor to touch and that threw him over the edge. A furry paw in his face.

We had a lovely safari; hippos (caroline's favorite), rhinos, elephants (connor's favorite), an ostrich, some wart hogs, cheetahs, lions, giraffes... Amazing. The kids loved it. From there we headed directly to the finding nemo show which was a big success for Caroline, and at times tough for Connor who occasionally pointed to the exit "ah-done!" it was really wonderfully done. We rode triceratop spin in Dinoland and then Vic watched the kids while I pulled Steve onto everest before he knew what hit him.

5 minute wait. 5 minutes. He was on the ride before it hit him that this was the best coaster at disney. When we started flying backwards through the tunnel, I screamed in joy and didn't hear a single peep from him. The photo was of my screaming and him with his eyes closed. It was awesome and we are so lucky to have been able to ride together. We just realized this very moment it is the first coaster we have ever been on together.

We hit the festival of the lion king show aftrwards and while this may have been caroline's second fav of the day, it was not connor's. I stood in the back with him, I think it was just a bit too loud, though there were some parts like the acrobats that he really seemed to enjoy.

Then it was Mickey bars for the kids and big bites off of the ears for the grown ups BEFORE lunch because why not, we are in Disney world. The kids split pizzafari pizza and we planned our park exit, but had promised Caroline a face painting session earlier in the day. So back to Dinoland we went. While Caroline became the princess kitty you see below, Connor and I rode triceratops spin again, and then once more as a family before we caught our bus bck to the hotel.

Connor slept. Caroline colored. We all rested up.

Then things kinda went wonky. My cousin met us at the hotel and together we drove over to Epcot for an erly dinner in Germany. To our astonishment Connor not only enjoyed the live music, he danced and did not want to leave. Cried when they finished even. He ate his weight in German sausages while his sister largely ignored her plate. Who was this boy?? We offered Caroline a chance to ride memo or go in a race car and she chose the race car. I sensed it was all going to go bad and when she emerged from the ride I learned she had handled it with ease and shrugged her shoulders like, "that was it?" who was this girl? Then she rode nemo, a dark ride, and loved it. I have hope for her yet. We have some more things to hit. More rides to try. She's figured this Disney thing out and if we had just a few less spit noises, I would say she is darn near perfect.


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