Day 4

I know, there are a lot of typos in these Disney posts, but I just don't care. Getting the words out before I forget the days and when things happened or that funny thing the kids did seems more important.

We met up with Vic this morning as he had arrnged for passes to aquatica for us and even let us borrow his car for the day. So off he went to work (boo) and off we went for some fun in the sun... On a very somber day.

Steve and I were thinking of the anniversary all day, right along with the rest of you in the real world, but we thought it very fitting to be away, to be with our kids doing something amazing. We met in 2001 and we spent that fateful terrible day together. I knew that day that I could never be without him, how could I be when with him was the only place I felt safe... Well, as safe as anyone could feel that day. To make some incredible happy memories seemed all the more important this year, at least for us.

Aquatica is Sea World's water park and it was amazing. We got there before it opened and had our locker rented, towels in hand in time to make the big rope drop. We were among the very first to the section devoted to the very tiniest. They offer complimentary life vests for all, young and old, tall and short. Caroline dove right in, wanting to explore every little thing and it wasn't long before she was itching to ride the slides. The water is at most just a couple feet deep and she raced (at a very fast walk of course) from slide to slide before begging to go on the one with the tube. I went down with her at least ten times and I have to say, it was a blast. Steve spent some time in the wave pool where miss independent wanted to ride them in all by herself. Give a girl a life vest and wham, she's too big for help. We spent a long time on a high speed lazy river. Even Connor enjoyed that after I found a position to hold him in that made him feel safer. Once he was on my hip, it was smooth sailing for probably 5 round trips. So fun. We missed the official lazy river, which means we missed the sea animal part of the park, but we did catch the dolphins on the way out which was a huge hit with the kids. We might not have done this had Vic not suggested it and that would have been a mistake.

We got the kids home and Connor fell asleep in approximately 30 seconds. We convinced caroline to sleep by strongly suggesting it was in her best interest because a sleep would gain access to the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney, where she could pick anything she wanted. It worked, 2 hours later and a bit grumpy (gets her napping skills from me), she selected a nightgown featuring all the princesses she had breakfast with on Friday in a size 8. I want it to last forever, or at least until we come back. Steve and I helped Caroline pick out some Mickey ears which we felt would make a more sentimental keepsake. They are adorable and compliment the ones we found for Connor. We booked it like mad to get to the Christmas store to get them embroidered and they will be delivered tomorrow afternoon to the hotel. Amazing. Also amazing, that the hotel found caroline's missing crocs and delivered them to our room while we played. Amazing.

We also left with a set of matchbox cars from Cars and an Ariel dress up figurine set, size miniature, otherwise known as deadly to Connor, that she is obsessed with. Unbeknown to us, the kids fought most of the night over the last minute inclusion in our check out: a pretend Mickey cell phone. A cell phone that is still clutched in connor's sleeping paw. I suspect we will be looking for a second one of those tomorrow at magic kingdom.

We met vic after work and headed back to Epcot for dinner in mexico along with his father and the one and only Julie, who set up us with our amazing digs at the resort. The kids were a bit of a handful at dinner, but we managed to get a sweet spot in Norway for the fireworks and they made it. Caroline was apparently smiling with her hands over her ears and Connor was at first pointing behind us, clinging to me like a little koala "ah-done!" in the end, it all came together and there were happy kids who saw a pretty impressive display.

It's all coming to an end. A few things are clear. This was the perfect amount of time to spend here. Any more would have been too much for them, any less would be to too short for them to get it. I told Caroline at bedtime tonight that our last day here was tomorrow, that we had fun things on Tuesday but no more parks and her face dropped. That camelbak Steve didn't want me to "waste our money on," it's so amazingly awesome that even he admitted it was so totally worth it. It is literally the perfect bag to trek through Disney with and if you are going you need to get on the wagon. I have been surprised we have not seen more of them around the parks. We got smart yesterday evening and mixed ice machine ice in with the water in the bladder and it made a huge difference. I also got these caribeener water bottle clips at the container store that have been a lifesaver. I can clip any bottle to my pack without using a pocket or having to carry it. I think they were 2 bucks! Clip, drink, carry, fill, repeat. Awesome.

As I said, tomorrow is our last official touring day. We are hitting the Studios in the morning for a few important must sees like toy story, the little mermaid, and beauty and the beast. We are hoping to spend the bulk of the day at the magic kingdom to try some of the things that were not well received a second time and get this "unimpressed with test track" girl on thunder mountain. I'm hoping for some more character opportunities for her, the live Mickey show, and maybe even the 3pm parade. We haven't caught one yet and that would be awesome. Tomorrow night is the biggest night; Main Street Electrical Parade, Wishes fireworks, and saying adieu to The Magic Kingdom.

I'll be sad. It will be hard, but we are already working on organizing a Disney Cruise with Vic, Julie, Vic's father and wife Debbie, my parents and hey Brett and Brigid... You want in? That ought to take the sting away.

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  1. You MUST try the Dis Cruise!!! :) I had so much fun pre-kids....can't wait to take them (and Tom) next summer! Have you seen the kids clubs on the new ships? AMAZING! Definitely sweeter for me traveling with family who love to help.