Day 6

We knew the kids were toast from pushing through the entire day before, but in order to make the last day as special as a travel day can be, we got them up and out, packed bags intact, and caught a bus to the Magic Kingdom, where we transferred to the monorail and zoomed into the Contemporary for Chef Mickey's. At first looking at their tired little faces, I thought perhaps I had made a error. That was all erased when we sat down and Minnie Mouse walked right past Caroline.

The kids ate Mickey waffles, breakfast pizza, fruit, and waited for the classic character parade to begin. Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto all came through and by the end Connor and Caroline were dancing around the table. Even Connor gave high fives to the characters and that made it all worthwhile. We caught the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom, took some last goodbye photos, and waved goodbye to Mickey from the bus back to the resort.

Packed bags. Treasured new items tucked safely away. Memories intact and accounted for. We caught our Magical Express back to the airport and Connor fell asleep immediately. Unfortunately TSA made me take him out of the sling to get through security because of the metal rings, to which I say, thanks for nothing TSA. Sorry Brett, but a sleeping baby! a sleeping exhausted baby! The beginning of the flight was a bit rocky with Connor who was so tired he was pulling my hair and scratching at my face with his need a trim badly fingernails. He entertained himself looking out the window pointing to the wing "airplane" before finally falling asleep for about another 90 minutes.

We landed, it was over, crowns in place we exited the plane and discovered our luggage did not get on our flight. The airline blamed Disney, but Disney was able to confirm that our luggage was given over to the airline's charge at 1:11 pm for a 4 pm flight. I can't wait to call the airline now that our bags have been safely delivered to our home, Disney memorabilia and sweaty sports bras in place.

I'll post a more heartfelt review of our experience next, and then of course there are photos and 168 short Flip videos. The WDW coverage may never end, and that would be just fine with me.


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