I recently revisited this and I want to try to attack this list with absolute gusto.

101 in 1001

I updated it with things that silently got checked off without note and I smiled thinking of accomplishing these things in the next year or so. There are some seriously amazing things on this list and I feel it is 100% doable. I'm making a committment to check on the list more often, as a way to be sure I finish it, but moreso to be sure that I keep family life as interesting and fulfilling as possible. Apple picking next week could potentially check off that "apple pie from scratch" item. Langham Chocolate Bar? um, YES PLEASE! Caroline will technically only qualify as free for a few more months and I refuse to let that one pass us by. We are more than halfway through teaching Caroline to spell her last name. Helping them raise money for something that is important to them. I think that would be a really amazing thing to tackle this holiday season and with that I already have a new holiday tradition to organize.

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  1. I love your list! And I think I have said this before, but if/when you visit Camden Yards you better visit us! I would welcome you to stay here but we would only have a place for your kids to sleep....