Thursday, Sept 8

After our 90-minute delay at Logan, we reworked our plans for the day, took a short break at the hotel, no naps for anyone at the resort, and made our way to the Magic Kingdom to ride the ferry to Fort Wilderness. The night was about the Hoop De Doo Review. Connor - no. Caroline - MORE, NOW, PLEASE!

Love this stroller rental - Orlando Stroller Rentals - we love you! Caroline was less than thrilled about a photo opp.

Ferry to Fort Wilderness.

Caroline got to lead the dance train around the dining room at the end of the show.

looking for pirates
castle in the distance

The caption here of Space Mountain from the Seven Seas Lagoon has to be Caroline's constant comment about the ride: "No, I am NOT going on Space Mountain." She was too short, but judging by how she did on Thunder, I'd say she would have done well --- if it was not in the dark that is.

Life comes full circle.


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