We knew he was tall

Connor had his 18 month physical this week and I was shocked to see he stayed right on his weight curve and scooted way up on his height, all the way to 90%. This we did not know. No wonder those 18 month pants fit his waist, but not his legs.

He was declared perfect, right down to those pesky ears. I was able to proudly share the skyrocketing vocabulary, his parroting of everything we say, and he was an eager participant in name that body part. He bravely took a shot to each arm and when I later told Steve about his bravery, he pointed to the sticker on his shirt, such comprehension, such a... Big boy.

The Doc asked me if he could throw a ball, catch a ball, kick. Laugh with me will you? I told her that he would happily kick or throw a ball for 20+ minutes, I have kept track on the clock because it just seems like the game never ends and for a kid his age isn't that a ridiculous amount of attention to one single thing?? He just loves it. I know most boys do, but we can't help but think we have a little athlete brewing here, who holds his hockey stick the proper way without instruction, who instinctively holds a bat on his shoulder and turns to the side to hit a tossed ball. It's mind-blowing to me because I lack most athletic ability, have you seen me run?

We signed Caroline up for an instructional "learn to hockey" in town. She needs pads, a stick, a mouthguard and I can't help but gulp. The girl who vascillates between ballet and hockey. She expressed interest with gusto and having no experience with sports for my kids yet, I'm not sure what to expect. She is the my emotional one, the one more apt to get frustrated, but we know from her learn to skate last spring that this girl has tenacity and a desire to do and I have confidence that this will be a good experience for her. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am pleased as punch that her little brother can't play yet.

Here is where I admit something publicly that I might not even say out loud to a friend. My brother, uncle bubba, was a natural athlete, heck he probably still is. He could play anything and everything and he was so good at it. I worked my little tush off to hit corner shots in field hockey for a few seasons. It didn't come as naturally to me, I was the dancer, the graceful one. I want to give Caroline the opportunity to do these sports before Connor. I want her to feel confident in her abilities before he has the chance to skate right past her. I might be wrong, she might be a natural herself, lord knows she proved me wrong with skating lessons. She fell and fell and fell and got right back up time and time again. I don't know. Does that make sense? I want them to both have the opportunities in their own time, with no comparisons, but is that possible? I haven't enrolled her in dance yet, I'm holding back, I want her to try sports first, make a long commitment to a year long dance program later if she still expresses an interest. There is just something about a team sport, the sum of individual efforts, that seems more important right now. I want her to have success in this arena before Connor cannot be held back for a moment more from charging the ice. I want her to be able to show him how to lift shots into the corner of the net, or if she follows in papa's footsteps, how to defend that goal to the death, fearless.

I'm excited for her, but keenly aware that the other one is not far behind.


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