7 is for wool & copper

I let our 7th anniversary pass by without my annual, insert year here is for insert traditional gift(s). That makes me sad.

Steve was gone for the weekend of our anniversary, watching BC lose to Clemson 34-16 in South Carolina. I was ok with it after I came home on Friday and saw these waiting for me.

He's smart. He's sweet. He's sweet and smart. I'm a lucky girl.

My parents came for the weekend and helped me entertain the kids. I'm sure they are still recovering from the non-stop of it all. Caroline treats my mother like "Nana, the toy." She had her in the play area pretending to be Miss Claire from school. scheduling conferences with students' parents for "not listening." Connor spent a lot of time kicking, throwing, and running us all ragged. We even had a visit with Uncle Bubba and Brigid. I had fun trying to explain to Caroline who Brigid was. Girlfriend to a 4 year old? "She's Uncle Bubba's best friend, they share a house together, they eat together, they even work together!" I think that covered it pretty well... for now.

My parents left to head back to Western MA just before Steve arrived home with Clemson shirts for the kids.

Thanks to his tailgating the day before, he wasn't all that interested in the cold beer I had planned to bring him in his gift, a copper Moscow Mule mug. I had considered making him a mule, but the drink looked a bit too intense for a Sunday night. (That is seriously his exact mug, by the way, because I am awesome.)

I cuddled up in my gift, an Irish wool sweater that I already know will be worn at least 3/4 of every weekend this fall and winter. I wore it to the grocery store Sunday and I fell head over heels when I came home and declared my body temp to be "too warm." That sweater must be magical.

Steve had organized a really fun day for us on Monday, our actual anniversary. We dropped the kids and booked it to the city to catch a 10AM duck tour. We got there just in time and there were no seats left together. We panicked, wasn't the point to do this together afterall?? The gentleman from Atlanta sitting next to me offered to switch with Steve to allow us to sit together. I offered him my photos as a thanks, but he declined. I think that was a piss poor decision.

Post Duck we shared a beer at the place where we had our first date, The Parish Cafe. It was barely 11 and the seats we had sat in no longer existed, but we knew they were there. I could almost see us, awkwardly watching tennis over Sam Adams.

It was a gorgeous day and we strolled down Newbury to Stephanie's. That's Steve there in the reflection of this storefront. Touching his head due to the heat? or because his wife stopped to take a photo?

He had reserved a table, but even I was up for sitting outside. No reservations outside, so we cancelled our table and headed to the bar to wait out the 30 minutes for a table. The beers were still pouring over their edges onto the coasters and we were called to the hostess stand.

Sweet potato corned beef hash... and an amazing bloody mary with an Old Bay rim.

Keeping track? It wasn't yet 1pm and I was two beers & a bloody mary in. I was very happy. I was also very loud.

We briefly considered skipping the movie at the Common, but we both really wanted to see Ides of March. We ate popcorn even though we were stuffed from lunch, because we COULD. In fact, we packed our day so full of fun just because we COULD. We joked (and I tweeted) that a couple might do one of the things we did, but a couple with young children, they do it ALL. and we did.

7 years married, dating for 10. Though the year could not compare on any level to all the tremendous ridiculous change of 2010, it was better in that we were here, we were settled, we were finally starting to plant solid roots. We spent the year nurturing those roots, teaching Caroline her address, exploring our town together, spending lazy Sundays in pajamas under piles and piles of snow instead of driving back to CT. I didn't spend time worrying about what was going to happen. I spent time dreaming of what will be. There is a comfort here in this house that we never had in CT, a feels right kind of feeling. I can look around and see things we should do, could do and I know that we have time to do them right, to save the money we need and do it exactly the way we want to do it. We have no plans to leave. We might not be here forever, but we have time and this is home. In our 7th year we celebrated Connor's first birthday and enjoyed SLEEPING. We watched Caroline's face as she met her favorite people in the whole make believe world. I'd say it was a good one. 7 years.

He makes me lunch each morning while I blow dry my hair. He calls me out of the blue just to ask what I am up to. He listens to me complain about the kookoo of my work life. He cleans up dinner while I finish eating. He tag teams "operation lunch boxes." He won't relinquish the clicker, but he's a good one, and I know how lucky I am to have met him. Best of all though, we have this, half mine, half Steve's, all ours.


  1. You're a great couple, indeed! And as a result you have two VERY lucky kiddos! But PLEASE explain to me, why did Steve buy them Clemson shirts?!?!?!?

  2. Love that I made a cameo in this one! (always scheduling meetings...) :) Yes I just started reading... I am trying to catch up! I also remember this day and how excited the two of you were for your adventures!