Nutcracker Sweet

Is it me or are the holidays really flying up on us? The house is decorated, the tree is lit, the advent calendar chocolates are being consumed, Peter Chippey the Elf is currently sitting in the front window, and I am plotting out our attack plan for my family's Christmas Dinner this Saturday. The kids both know that the Hershey Kiss bell commercial is my all time favorite and we spend 30 minutes each evening watching Prep and Landing and/or Chippey/The Elf on The Shelf movie. Last night the kids sat side by side on the couch, arms behind one another, rubbing each other's backs. For the entire show. It was so cute it almost made me cry, to see my kids love each other so much. (We will just pretend that the fight over the Melissa and Doug cutting veggies that happened later didn't happen, k?) Boston Ballet's commercials get screams of excitement from Caroline, rivaled only by Connor's "BUUINS!" It wouldn't be the Christmas season with the Nutcracker would it?

I wanted to take her. I dragged my feet getting tickets because I knew my mother really wanted to accompany her and that it probably wasn't going to be possible this year because of extenuating circumstances. I knew this would make all of us sad. My mother spent most of her fall/winter Saturdays driving me to rehearsals, watching rehearsals, driving me back from rehearsals, setting my hair into Victorian style curls. I lived and breathed Nutcracker, even doing two seperate productions in one season. My daughter does not yet "get" that Clara is not a real person, that a performer is the Sugar Plum Fairy. She doesn't "get" yet that I did that, that I wore those costumes, did those dances. She will someday and I wanted to take her.

We invited my cousin Kristen to come along and I got a sweet deal in my inbox offering could not pass up tickets for Sunday night's show, third row stage right of the dress circle. All prettied up, curls in place, headband on, tights and adorable flats, we traveled into the city together. She was a perfectly behaved princess at our early dinner, eating nearly every piece of buttered pasta on her plate. She could not WAIT to get to her seat and pouted that she had to wait for the curtain. Kristen and I did our best to get her to "read" the program, sit nicely on her cinema seat. We could not pass up tiaras in the lobby on our way in and all three of us were "princesses" for the entire show, after battling the packaging, dear lord the plastic! It's now a "tiara tradition." Don't lose your crown Kris!

"Where is Clara!?" "Why did the mice go away?" "Is she a princess now?" "I really like that Drosselmeyer." I was prepared for her to lose interest towards the end and those cheddar bunnies I packed saved the day. She cried when we left, make a total SCENE tears, "I don't want to leave!" She spent intermission spinning and arabesque-ing and people asked me if she took lessons somewhere. "She doesn't, but I guess she should." Was The Nutcracker a success? YES!

We dropped Kristen off at her apartment, "I don't want her to leave!" "I miss Kristen." "Does she have TV in her apartment?"  We talked about her favorite part, "Clara." Her least favorite part, "The King Mouse." She bubbled over with excitement and energy all the way home, ohhing and ahhing at lights, jabbering on and on about the show and "Can we go again!?"

I tucked her into bed and thanked her for such a wonderful day. "Mommy, you make me so happy." No, YOU make me so happy baby girl. I will hold the memories of our Sunday night show from Linner to bedtime, and every detail between for the rest of my days.

I can't wait to watch the DVD copy of the show that will be hidden in her stocking with her.

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  1. So sweet. Isn't it amazing to see the wonder in their eyes?!?