and then, just like that, he turned two

It hit me hard that my baby was enjoying his last day as a baby yesterday; the last day I could realistically state his age in months. I have been answering the question, "how old is he?" with "almost two" for far too long. Why? I lament now, wishing I had done the quick math in my head, "19 months," "22 months." The year flew as years often do, churning faster and faster with two full-time working parents and weekends stuffed to the brim with family time. Sure, we often spent a good chunk of that time in pjs chasing balls together, but to the working parent every second of that pj ball chase is to be savored and swallowed, digested, and recalled on a frantic Tuesday afternoon when I seem to miss them most.

Oh, the things I have to savor. Over the course of the year our Connor has become a sweet, outspoken, sports loving, pantless wonder. He heard new sounds thanks to a (now practically useless) ear tube placement in June. We marveled as he watched before unnoticed planes fly overhead and the new words spilled out of him like beans from a torn bean bag. While he rarely sits still, he often surprises me by plopping himself into my lap, just for a moment, reminding me that while he looks like he is three, he is my baby boy. He gives amazing hugs, complete with back pats. His voice has equal parts honey dipped sweetness and deep gutteral caveman. He has established unrealistic attachments to a handful of balls from his enormous collection. Each night there is a request for "orange one" or "football" and only a very specific match will satisfy. When Steve puts on sports, Connor will race to the play area to retrieve the appropriate equipment; hockey stick, ball and goal or football to tuck securely and safely under his right arm. He can name Gronk and Tom Brady upon sight and he knows which sport they play. He can tell you that his hockey team in the "buins." He is unsure of the Celtics and looks at me wild eyed when I ask him about the Red Sox. "What is this sport you speak of?!?" I think it is because he hasn't had a true full year season as a Boston sports fan yet and oh boy, am I am in trouble when Baseball season starts. The bat and ball will be out for sure. Breakables beware.

He loves his sister fiercely. "Where Caro-ine go?" We have reached the love hate stage, but I am happy to say it is mostly love. He parrots her every utterance, annoying her to no end, but delighting me to the moon and back. The two of them run wild at night, laughing and screeching and tackling one another. The kid has a mean tackle, from the knees, and he can take someone much bigger down without much effort. It is only a matter of time before he towers over his big sister. She will not like this one bit. These nightly screaming running rituals are often done half naked. Connor will pull at his clothes to indicate he wants them off, NOW. He gets his needs met and will often stand two inches from your nose and repeat his request until you fulfill it. It looks like this - except in recent months, you can insert "prep and landing" in place of "Mommy."

Caroline could be drinking from a regular cup all the time, but we learned you need to give them the exact same thing, the same contents, and the same amount or endure the Wrath of Con.  The temper on this one, complete with full body on the ground tantrums, is like nothing we have seen before. His intense passion springs forth in this way too, and oh, two years old. It's going to be a year that tries our patience and makes us want to pull our hair out, but at least he finally reached a point where we can sit him in time out and he stays there. He's been getting more familiar with that bottom step. He will pull Caroline's curls, just to pull them. He will throw her doll house bath tub just to incite her. He will lay in her path and refuse to move, just to guage her reaction. She has gotten better at telling us and not trying to deal with it in a physical way herself. He has gotten better at flopping and forcing us to move his limp refusing to comply body from whatever "not nice" thing he is doing. In the very next moment, they will sit side by side silently coloring at their table, or relocate the entire kitchen for a picnic. They will sit in their comfy reading chairs and flip through books for entire ten minute spans! We do suspect brother and sister took perhaps their final shared tub last night. Legs and arms all twisted together, no room for both to lie flat and "swim." She prefers showers now and that feels like the end of an era. Growing, so big, so fast.

He took popsicles to school today to share with his friends and he was practically jumping out of his crib this morning to see his birthday cake, already frosted. He requested, "fuh-fetti" even though I offered him chocolate. The Mc-side of this family claims another one of the children.

And he is smart, oh so smart, but we only get brief windows into his understanding. Always curious, but not yet asking all the questions we know will come during this third trip around the sun. I can occasionally convince him to help me count while I get him zipped into his pjs and he astounds me by couting all the way to twenty, and I can't help but wonder if this is where his knowledge or interest ends. In his tub the other night he started singing lines from "Twinkle, Twinkle." I was shocked because while I sing this to him most nights in the bath and at bedtime, he has never once sung along. Now at bedtime, I pause and he fills in the blanks, no matter where I put them. Sneaky boy. Only sharing part of this little world with us. He requested ABC last night and did the same thing. Ask him to do it on command, no. Not going to happen, but in these brief interludes, I see how rich his world is, how much he truly does understand, how hungry he is to learn.

Our baby is not a baby anymore. He is bright and charming, a light in all our lives. He is so loved, by so many. Happy Second Birthday to our son, the one and only Con Con the Bon Bon, who calls himself "Connie."


  1. Oh that video. OH. OH my. 1 - I'm crying. 2 - was he ever that small? 3 - was Lyle ever that small!? OMG. how old was he??

  2. Lyle was most dfinitely this small! The video was dated 2/6/2010. He was three weeks old!