as we approach five, a big milestone

I was an early reader. I remember reading Dick and Jane aloud to my mother in her bedroom. I recall that she sometimes fell asleep as I droned on, "See Dick. See Dick Run." I was a voracious reader. In second grade when they broke us into "reading groups" and gave us names like "Otters" or "Caterpillars," they weren't fooling anyone. We knew even at seven years old that we were in the accelerated group. We used to read around in a circle aloud during Reading Time. There is a specific incident I recall where we were reading a story about an ice skater, Tai Babilonia, and I lost my place because I was reading ahead. When it was my turn, I had no idea where the previous reader had left off because I wanted to know so badly the outcome of all of the skater's training. I got in very big trouble. Point of all this, I loved to read. It's a pity I cannot seem to find time for it now. When I do it seems to be limited to "Scream Free Parenting."

Caroline was completely uninterested in letters last spring. It was an area we and her school continually reinforced and worked on with her. If you pointed to a letter and asked her to name it, she wouldn't even acknowledge the letter in question, but simply shout out a letter name she knew. It was frustrating, but we wanted to support her and not push it too much. She was after all only four, even if most other four year olds knew all their letter and numbers, she would get there.

This fall her interest in letters blossomed and she began to recognize "sight words" including the names of all her classmates. She has since learned to write nearly every letter of the alphabet, can write words and even sentences if you assist with some dictation. That's how she wrote her sweet First Letter to Santa this year. She fills pages with letters, sometimes words, and she is often seen copying the letters from her environment onto a piece of paper. (all with her legs crossed ladylife in front of her, which is a completely different post, but incredibly amusing to watch)

I purchased the first set of Bob Books for her back when Borders was closing. We opened them and we tried the first one and she was so frustrated that I knew it was too early. You see, Caroline is the girl who likes to use her imagination with reading. She likes you to read it to her so she knows the story and then she likes to "read" it again by herself, using the pictures to guide her. Over the summer I wondered if she realized there was a story there to read at all, but we paused on pushing too hard with the reading. She would get there. In time.

and get there she did.

Her interest has grown to new exciting levels and I cautiously reintroduced her to the Bob Books last night; Book One, "Mat."

She's on the verge, I just hope we have enough books for her appetite.

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  1. I can tell how excited you are for her. That's so great!