the one about band-aids

Last week we attended Kindergarten Information Night. I forgot my brown paper bag at home, but it turned out we didn't need it. In fact, we are filled with such excitement for this leap into the next chapter of Caroline's life. We saw slides on expectations for kindergarteners; things like walking in a line, sitting quietly, taking turns, using indoor voices. We sighed in relief when the principal reviewed the November benchmarks they are hoping this class of about 150 will achieve. We snickered because one of the items was "draw a picture that tells a story," which makes me think of our favorite picture Caroline has drawn recently, entitled "Daddy in the shower." No, she has never seen Daddy in the shower, but she did just start taking them herself and is pretty much in love with the hot water and the amazing acoustics. It's The Little Merrmaid all the time. We know she is more than prepared for kindergarten, already achieving many of the November benchmarks. I say that not to brag, but because we and her teachers feel that her success in this transition lies in preparation.

Caroline and change are not exactly compatible. Confidence in the classroom will help tremendously not just with her lessons, but in her overall coping of all the "new." We are also fortunate in that our school district has a transition day in the spring. Incoming classes get together in their rooms for the afternoon to meet and see the space. In late august, she will sit with us and her teacher for 45 minutes for a screening and a get to know you session. 45 minutes, What a dream, and yet, we still have some reservations. Caroline will love her teacher, but she will not now many of her classmates. In fact, the only ones she will know will be the ones I am able to get together with over the summer from transition day and that is a lot of pressure on mama to create connections, don't you think?

We made a huge decision last week to send her to day camp for the summer. Some of her good friends from school went last summer and we think it is a good first step in removing the preschool band-aid. She graduates on June 20th and she starts camp the following Monday. If you need me that week, I'll be buried under blankets watching slideshows of my baby with a box of Kleenex and a bottle of cheap wine. Camp. She will ride a bus, swim twice a day, learn camp songs, run and race and be a kid and oh, I am so excited for her. The hope is that her camp experience (in addition to being an absolute blast) will also help her gain confidence socially, thus making the whole September school start easier and less stressful. I am sure that by the time that rolls around she will be running away from me at school on day one, finding her seat, pulling out her crayons and waving goodbye, with a big sweet smile on her face. I will die a little inside, I will cry and she will not, and my big girl will be on her way. On her way to who knows what, something surely greater than I can imagine, limited only by her imagination and drive. This tenacious little girl, taking tentative first steps into the next chapter and instead of holding the page down, I am barely able to keep myself from flipping ahead.


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  2. Kelly7:18 PM

    This made me cry. I can't believe we will have Kindergarteners this fall.

  3. A bus?! And swimming? Oh, you are a braver mom than I. But I know you'll all do fine.