our internal birthday battle

Once Halloween hits, BANG, it's a race to the New Year. I'm sure all families feel this way to some extent. Shorter days, cooler weather, the unbelievable whirl and whoosh of seasonal magic stirred with parties, family, food and festivities. It's fun and it's special and it is EXHAUSTING. The post holiday blues aren't exactly a reality here at McCasa. With two winter birthdays three weeks apart, I can hardly gasp for air between ordering Chinese food on New Year's Eve and placing candles on the kids' cakes.

We've been on the birthday party circuit for Caroline for well over a year now. We held off on a school friend birthday party last year because it still felt like we were getting our feet wet at her school. \I am ready to dive in this year to celebrate my baby girl's FIFTH birthday. Connor turns two this week and while we want to celebrate this milestone, we're more comfortable with a low key family celebration. This is where I struggle to make it special for each of them in an age appropriate way. I want to plan special things for each independent of one another, but with the events practically on top of one another, it's a challenge. I foresee this being even more challenging as time goes on, especially when it comes to budgeting for Christmas and birthdays at the same time.

This is how I came to find myself in Target about a week ago buying 30 popcorn boxes AND sports themed paper products. Last week I struggled to carry multiple sports balls cutouts AND an armload of red and white garlands. My brain in split - low key sports maniac birthday - big top benefit with amazing entertainment. Then I glance ahead and see snow forecasted for Saturday when we will celebrate Connor's birthday. Oh the joys of a winter birth.

I'll tell you what else, this isn't exacly helping us cope with Caroline's increasing birthday jealousy. This morning she announced in the car that she wasn't sure she would be attending Connor's birthday party. Really, where else do you think you would be exactly? I tried to have a discussion about it, to talk about how a birthday party is a family's way of celebrating that the birthday boy or girl is a part of our life. It's the whole family's day. "You love having Connor in your family, don't you?" I could see her in the rear view, needing more convincing and sporting a pout. In some ways the close proximity of their special days is a blessing. "Yours is just around the corner." It might help.

Someday we will throw them an amazing surprise 1/2 birthday in July, with a bounce house and water fun and  OUTSIDE and NOT SNOW and it will be amazing and I will stick my tongue out at the universe and climate change. Someday!

Until then, I'll be on Pinterest pinning circus themed items, ordering Blue Ribbon BBQ for the boy, adding an alert to my iPhone to pick up his cake on Friday, confirming a juggler who is follow up deficient, and searching for a popcorn machine rental.


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