From 1-4pm it is an all out race to the finish most days; Returning calls, checking messages, responding to said messages, documenting, sending emails over our ridiculously outdated system, documenting, and driving towards home in the process to avoid city rush hour traffic. I push myself to get it all done, so I can put the work away, both in my bag and emotionally/mentally out of my mind. Off my shoulders. It's hard sometimes. At any given time, one of my patients is probably in the pre active or active stage of the end of this road. I try to disconnect at night. My daytime life makes me thankful for every second of my life at home.

Tonight I was working with Caroline on her "share" for school tomorrow. She wants to tell her class that she saw the "big grey plane" that flew over the Patriots game Sunday. "it flew right over Kiki's house!" We found a picture of the C5, learned it had flown in from Westover Air Force Base back west. We printed a map of Massachusetts and traced the trip from Nana and Granda's to Gillette. While we wrote "go pats" and "87" and "12," Connor was playing hockey swinging the stick way to close to his sister's head. As our little geography lesson came to a close, I helped myself to my iPhone.

Clear as day, my little hockey player, "mommy, play with me." "put you phone down."

Yeah, that.


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