girls night

Last Friday, after a very long week, Steve swooped in and saved the day by taking Connor to his two year physical when I got stuck at work. It was a terrible, no good, very bad week that tested us all and I was glad to kiss it goodbye and smack it on the behind.

The boys went straight from shots and a blood lead level test (seriously, vials and vials of blood from a two year old fingertip?!) to meet Uncle Marc for a BC Hockey game. I heard that the boy sat transfixed on Uncle Marc's lap (he felt betrayed by Daddy afterall) and even refused to meet the eyes of adoring older ladies because THE GAME, THE PUCK, THE HOCKEY! I heard this, but I was busy with my own evening. Some quick thinking earlier in the week when we shared with them the plans led me to plan a "girls night." It was more to brace her for the sadness I worried she would have when she realized she was not included in Daddy's plans.

So when I arrived at school to pick her up and reminded her we were headed out for girls night, she was stoked and her teacher's excitement that her Mommy was the best Mommy for doing something so special only widened her smile.

Never does your five year old truly look, sound, and act like a five year old girl more than when you are with her one on one splitting fries and dancing along with the background music. The conversation was limited, but she was more chatty than usual. She housed her mac and cheese. I even lived dangerously and told the waitress not to put her meal in ahead of mine. We had nothing but time. It was like a dining vacation. Just us girls was not only novel, it was dare I say, relaxing.

We went shopping after dinner for some spring updates and she had her first stint in a dressing room, making kissy faces at her half naked bod in the mirror. I thoughtfully indulged her with bermudas, skorts, and tees while keeping to the budget.

Since she was planning the evening, she had grand plans to watch a movie in our bed at home. Instead she promptly fell asleep in the car. I could hear her snoring over the radio. I carried her upstairs at only 7:30 and as I stripped off her sweater and sneakers she half awoke, "MOVIE!" So we made our way to Mommy's bed and bought Winnie the Pooh for $2.99 (LOVE YOU FIOS MOVIE NIGHT!). We got popcorn seeds in the sheets. I found one the other day and smiled.

Post movie, well past her bedtime, but not being helped any by the post shopping bonanza snooze, we snuggled together. Mommy and daughter, not a little girl anymore, nose to nose. We giggled. We sang silly songs. Thoughts, opinions (cherry is way better than grape), and questions that will only get harder with time. Do this more often I said then. It is worth doing. It means something, so much more than just dinner and a movie and the girls.


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