most frequenty

played with:

- dollhouse with additional little people accessories, barbie, fairies, calico critters, my little pnies, and princesses (it gets crowded in there)
- Melissa and Doug Felt Sandwiches (I suggest you specify no ketchup on your pb and j)
- Curious George Tea Set, Plates, Cups, and Bowls
- Baby Nursery
- The box Steve's skates came in which is referred to as "the suitcase"
- Anything to make a fort with (complete with two year old Godzilla who loses interest in building and stages a full scale takeover)
- Matchbox Cars ("I line them up!")


- "You're my best friend."
- "Happy Birthday to Car-o-ine"
- whatever his sister just said
- play hockey, on the ground"
- "snack?"
- "my cup?"
- "we go downstairs?"
- "iPad?"


- yogurt
- dried mango
- cheese puffs
- orange flavored dried cranberries
- brown sugar and cinammon pop tarts
- cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese


- "ABC"
- "Party Rock Anthem"
- "Just the Way You Are"
- something she makes up
- "elemenohpee"


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