This Week in Video: "Day 5: Caroline's Fifth Birthday, The Big Top Benefit with Jenny the Juggler"

Caroline's Fifth Birthday was a very big deal. I blame Pinterest. Once I see something with my very own eyes and think, "I could so do that," it simply has to be done. I'm not one to pin and run. No, no, no. I pin and feel completely obligated to produce results. Thanks to Auntie Colleen for the pre-party footage, which also serves as a pretty nice review of things we have accomplished in McCasa thus far.

& after everyone had made a treat bag for the dogs at the shelter, and filled their bellies with pizza (except for Caroline who asked me just before cake for a "teeny, tiny slice of pizza") Jenny the Juggler arrived! & all was well & all were throroughly entertained. There was juggling (of course), magic, a sweet bunny to maul, balloon "rocket mice" for everyone, & face painting. If there hadn't been actual cake, she would have been the icing, but she was pretty darn wonderful & we were so lucky to have had someone as special as Jenny. See for yourself, she is pretty amazing. Want to see more? Jenny The Juggler


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