the new normal

Last Friday night we went out to dinner as a family to celebrate Steve being (temporarily) unemployed. When we got married, I said my vows to a guy who was "technically" not gainfully employed. He had given his notice two weeks earlier at a health research company where he sold an alcohol awareness program to colleges and universities.

I'll pause while we all have a laugh about Steve spreading a message about responsible drinking to college students everywhere.

We honeymooned, we drank boat drinks, we tanned, and when we came home, Steve started a job with "big corporation." He had different roles in different cities and different states, but always the same company, since the fourth Monday in October, 2004. We rode the waves, they ebbed and flowed, and lately they have been ebbing a bit more. He wasn't itchy, but he was getting there, and when a company came along, tapped him on the shoulder and whispered into his ear about a brand new opportunity, he was listening.

After much discussion, we decided the leap was worth taking and he turned in his laptop last Friday afternoon. He compared it to Jerry Maguire, but without the big out of control speech. He walked out of the building, there was a pause, and everyone and everything kept on going. Without him. Steve had been there for seven and a half years. There was something bittersweet about the whole thing, but he didn't have much time to perseverate on it.

Yesterday we began our new normal. Gone are the shared day care drop off and pick ups, the laid back mornings, and dinner done and cleaned up by 6pm. We took  a collective deep breath and he went off to the city at 6:30. I managed to get the kids and myself where we needed to be relatively on time. We overlooked the time change and having to practically bomb the boy out of his crib created a temporary road block, but we did it. I even made it back to daycare on time, paperwork completed, computer put away. We started dinner on the porch and when Steve walked in around 6pm, we were all able to finish scooping up chili all together and even had time to play outside on the swings.

Day one, behind us. Opportunity, straight ahead.

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  1. Thinking of you. The mornings are hard, but you will get into a rhythm. Him getting home at 6 isn't bad. D gets home at 6 now, but it used to be closer to 7 and it was difficult for both him and L. He's always "owned" bathtime because of that - never making it home in time for dinner.

    You've been through much harder transitions. In a week or two, this will be nothing.

    Sending hugs. xo