sassy talk back and the baby worm

We are all getting a handle on our new normal. I have been trying hard to organize things the night before; lunches laid out, bags prepped at the door, clothes laid out for the week on Sunday night. The longer days and this amazing weather have sent the kids for a bit of a loop because they don't quite grasp that yes, we can spend more time outside and sure, we can go to the park to chase a soccer ball or watch the train go by, but no, we cannot come inside at bath time and play downstairs. I seem to only have two scramble days; Mondays and Thursdays. Today we even had time for a Connor time out.

He's been mouthy and vocal and well, assertive. I asked him to put his monkey down because we bring
"G'raffie" (yes, I know, how cute is that!?) to school and he screamed "NO!" clutching his lovey closer to his body. I explained. I negotiated. I pulled that monkey out of his grip and he clocked me and that was enough. We were a bit late for school today because someone needed a time out. It's harder with this second one discipline wise. He sasses at the most inopportune moments. He asserts himself while we are walking out the door, while I am corraling him into the car, while I try to settle the kids down to eat dinner. I keep moving, but today, I had the time. I said no. I put him into his crib for a timeout. I got all the stuff into the car, including his sister. I opened the garage door before walking back inside to retrieve him and he lost his ever living mind over the monitor. I had not even considered that he would react to the door opening. I ran up to him, he thought I was leaving him behind!

We had a little heart to heart. I asked him, "Who is in charge?" "Cah-nah." "No, mommy is in charge. You have to listen to Mommy. Who is in charge?" "Cah-nah." No, Con, Mommy is in charge." He looked genuinely defeated. He had truly believed he was in charge.

Later in the car, Caroline serenaded us all with a rousing "A Tisket, A Tasket" with her own made up words about a mommy worm and a baby worm. I chuckled to myself mostly because I used to make songs up to like this (you know, like last week). I turned around to check on Connor and found him staring at her intensely, looking seemingly for some sort of meaning in her meandering nonsensical tune. I died laughing. Died. Caroline, she didn't miss a beat, completing the story of the mommy and baby worm and the basket.

It's working. I have sticky wings ready to be browned at home and a night full of driveway chalk and chasing wiffle balls ahead of me. It's ok.


  1. You had me at 'ever loving mind'.

  2. See....I guess I can count my blessings that Noah still isn't talking. Though he can bring on the mute sass when he needs to.

    Sometimes giving in to the chaos makes for the best memories. I'm sure you're doing great!