daycare pause

I'm sure that most Moms with kids in preschool or daycare do this. I race to pick them up and thanks to the big windows into the classrooms, I can hang back and pause at the windows. I love to peek into their solo worlds. Who are they playing with? What are they playing with? Are they listening to the teacher? Most importantly, are they smiling?

I occasionally catch Connor gathering with the rest of the 2's around his teacher, all listening INTENTLY to a story. (How they get them ALL to sit down ALL at once?) I breeze by Caroline's room and watch her snuggling a baby or sharing the mouse to 1,2,3 Spanish with a friend. These tiny moments sustain me during the day when I wonder how they are doing.

When I got to school today, both of the kid's classrooms were outside on the playgrounds, or as Caroline says, "the play structures." I peeked out at the older kids and caught sight of Caroline's purple jacket racing along with a friend. I walked into Con's room, gathered up his belongings, reviewed his daily, and walked outside. I caught sight of his red jacket and followed it to the fence that seperates his play area from the preschool area. There at the fence line, I watched a red jacket and purple jacket meet face to face at the fence. I watched in slow motion as they clasped hands through the fence, completely unaware I was watching.

"It's ok buddy, I'm sure Mommy will be here soon."

and I was upon them and they looked up and smiled.

"See, I told you!"

That little moment at the fence is going to sustain my working hours for weeks.


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