Peter Cottontail only half came to McCasa this year. As many of you might have seen on facebook, Caroline's behavior has been bordering on justifiable homicide.  It leaves me wanting to tear the hair (she so thoughfully turned grey) out of my head. I hate screaming and if I am being honest, there has been a lot of screaming. The sass. The back talk. The sharp  "No!" that seems to be her reply to every request. The whining.The crying on a dime. The bargaining. After behavior so bad on Saturday night, despite reminders that the Bunny was coming to her house, we did the unthinkable and placed her basket out of reach on top of the toaster with a note thanking her for the carrots and explaining that E.B. was very aware of the naughty behavior and that this basket was here, but she could only have it if Mommy and Daddy felt she had earned it. I know. It's the Easter Bunny. How can I use it against her? Well, I did and it was awful and hard and there were so many tears and I didn't cave. Connor, as I predicted, held out treasured basketball eggs filled with mini peanut butter cups. Also as predicted, Caroline refused, slumping on the couch a pile of sad Easter tears. Steve said the message would be completely lost on her, but it wasn't. She sat at the table for dinner. She behaved. She listened better than she had been, not that this is saying much. We deemed her behavior "basket appropriate" and she happily changed her clothes and ripped open the Color Wonder fingerpaint E.B. had brought them. The message had not been lost, but wow, we need to get this behavior under control.

We don't have photos of the tear-filled morning, but we do have these sweet moments.


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