We know Caroline is awake when he hear someone crying softly in the morning. She is not a fan of the dark and the early morning winter darkness was a real challenge for her this year. Since we got the "Okay to Wake Clock" it has been a bit better, she knows when it is ok to leap out of bed and race into ours. Daylight savings has helped too. Still, some mornings I have to call out to her, "it's okay, come in." Since Steve took this new job, she is often retrieved from her bed still sleeping to help her wake up. She is not a morning person, but neither am I, especially without my customary "two snoozes." She loves to snuggle and the initial sadness of her day gives way to smiles and "love mommy. You make me so happy Mama." With her warm little body beside me, it is doubly hard to heft myself out of bed. By the time I emerge from the shower, towel wrapped on top of my head, Oil of Olay applied, she is the virtual opposite of that initial wake up.

Most mornings Connor is still asleep when I pull the cords on his shades. Do you recall this kid's non-sleeping early life that had me on the brink of a nervous breakdown? When I do gently rouse him, he is ready to jump out of his crib before his eyes are completely open. He lumbers to standing while squinting at me through half sleep. He gathers all four of his little loveys and holds his arms out to me and we start this day the way we ended the last; his head on my shoulder, the weight of his growing body in my arms. One recent morning, he woke before I could get to him and greeted me warmly. "I had good dreams." I'm pretty sure he doesn't really know what a good dream is, but he knows I ask him every morning, "did you have good dreams?"

They are challenging and I cheer for them when we FINALLY make it into the car and open the garage door. I'm proud of them, how they have adjusted, how they go with the flow and understand that "breakfast on the go" needs to happen sometimes. This is by far the hardest part of my entire day, but my mornings with these two are the things good dreams are made of.


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