Steve surprised me with a night away for my birthday this past weekend. He knew better to spring it on me the day of or even the night.  He knew I would want/need to stock up on snacks and change out the towels for my parents and tidy up and wrap my head around being away for the night.

It started out on an unfortunate low note when a stray juice glass (MINE!) got broken and a certain five-year-old girl cut her left great toe and took a rather large chunk out of the top of her right foot. I was just about to hop into the shower when I heard the unmistakable fear call of "Kerri!" from the family room. We acted quickly, elevating legs above the heart, applying pressure, calling Kiki. No stitches, this time. Again, we creep closer and closer to the exciting "baby's first stitches." It was hard to pull ourselves away from her, but we did and she was fine, scratched up and not up to wearing shoes, but fine.

Here is some of what we saw while we enjoyed a little B&B near Keene, a gorgeous sunny day, some brewery pints, and an amazing dinner. A birthday to remember.


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