Operation Canadian Tuxedo, Day Two

As I predicted, I didn't have the best night's sleep last night. It wasn't the kids. The knowledge I am here alone with these two precious little lives always gets me as I try to close my eyes, even if I know Steve will be home later that night. I think we were all a little off and more than a little sleepy without Daddy.

Tonight the plan was the British Beer Company for dinner. Kids eat free Monday nights. Kiki and Papa graciously offered to accompany us. I haven't attempted a dinner out with the kids solo EVER because I am not that insane and completely aware of just how difficult they can be with TWO adults. Surely with THREE we had this in the bag right?


Connor at age two was far better behaved than his sister who yelled, lay down on the booth, hit me (!?), and in general did everything she possibly could to be distracting, disgusting (burping!). No serious eye contact, threat, or even the brief bathroom talking to made a dent in her atrocious and embarassing behavior. If I had been alone we would not have gotten past the chocolate milk, but with Kiki and Papa's assistance we made it work. They were increibly patient and understanding, but Caroline had been so terrible throughout that I offered to send along "proof of life" in the morning.

I was quick to point out on the ride home how proud Papa had been of Connor for being such a good boy, eating  his whole meal, and behaving so well. He chirped the whole way back, "Connor good boy." I always find that this is the best strategy for dealing with this kind of bad behavior. If we talk about it all the way home, she cries and whines. If we instead focus on how well Connor did, she loses her mind because of good ol' sibling rivalry. Miss Claire from school gave me a good strategy too; wait a minute, let it sink in, let them reflect, and THEN talk about it. Sure enough, when I plopped her pajama'd body up on the counter at 7:15 for teeth brushing, she was apologetic and tearful and feeling so bad about how things had gone. When I asked her what was happening lately with this behaviour, she said her body had changed. What does that mean? Her ultimate punishment was listening to Connor in our bedroom snuggling and watching Handy Manny.

So Operation Canadian Tuxedo hit a bump on Day Two, but we are one day closer to Steve coming home. He's doing well and shared with me tonight that "it's like college." They spent the whole day in class, went to dinner, had a few drinks and are hunkering down to study for the night because there is a test in the morning. He is waking up at 5:30 to study. I repeat. He is waking up at 5:30 to study. Something tells me that this wasn't exactly the college experience he had at BC.

We're looking forward to some FaceTime in the morning with Daddy.


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