collective sigh

Just like that, the week ended, and we were all back together. At 9:30 PM Friday night. All of us still awake because once they knew he was coming home, nothing could keep the kids from being there to welcome him back. They didn't care if the flight had been delayed two hours. I set out making dinner and they stood at the counter stirring ramekins with salt and other seasonings. Who knew that could be so much fun?

Here is the sign Caroline taped up to the door for Steve to welcome him home. "I miss you Daddy."

Our little family apparently now includes a very tall princess with hair down to her toes. Funny, I haven't noticed a raven haired Rapunzel around here. Steve loved that she drew herself the same height as me and Connor as a teeny tiny boy. The pictures they draw at this age really give so much insight into how they view their world, themselves.

After happy hugs and many eye rubs, we got the kids to bed, and settled at the kitchen table with a glass of wine to detroy nearly an entire skillet of The Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta. Holy crap you guys, it was sinfully good. It was all we could do to put a small bit of it away for the next day. I can't wait to have an excuse to make it again.

We were all exhausted and there was such a sense of peaceful presence in the house that even Caroline slept until nearly seven both days this weekend. Both days. Unprecedented. There were few plans, just a committment to a mandatory all house nap on Saturday afternoon. We cooked out, the kids had their first taste of corn for the season and the enjoyable experience of melted butter and salt running down their hands.

It's back to the regular grind tomorrow for all of us, but I have to leave you with the image of Connor and the Hokie Pokie. We danced it together tonight and taught him how to point both fingers in the air during "you do the hokie pokie and you turn yorself around." He marched everywhere tonight with just those two fingers pointed very purposefully into the air, serious as ever, as hysterically literal and sweet as a little boy can be.


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