The last sleep of Operation Canadian Tuxedo

Yes, it is upon us and we are so close to the end of this week that I almost want to click my heels together and call it a success, except it isn't quite over yet. Sure, tonight is the last sleep, but if I called it done now I'd be neglecting the morning rush, the work day, an ear recheck in the middle of the day (I have a perfect plan, which means it will get completely destroyed at approximately 8:02am), a daycare pick up, a meal, a post meal pandemonium, bedtime for at least one, and a welcome home meal for Steve. So really, I am quite far from the finish, so far that my previous near sigh of relief has been replaced with a sinking panic. It will be ok. We didn't come this far to fall on our faces now, but man. SO CLOSE.

Today was our rush day and I managed to propel myself out of bed ontime. I somehow hurt my neck on Saturday and it is STILL bothering me, and sort of clicking, and I need to turn my whole body to look left when driving. Nice. So sleep hasn't been so restful, but I am more annoyed than suffering. We got to Kiki's ontime and I walked into my meeting on time, so there's that. Work continues to be a challenge and today was one of those days, but I managed to get myself home in time to prep for the evening, pre label the cracker packets and juice boxes for lunches (I cannot tell you how much time this saves me!might make it a part of the daily routine before I grab the kids at school), and read a few chapters of that CRAZY book the rest of the world is reading. It is cray cray and I keep stopping myself saying "WHY! am I reading this?!" (often ALOUD) and then I go ahead and keep on reading.

I picked up the kids. They went screaming into the parking lot, refusing to be caught, and circled the car like wild animals. Normally, I'd lose it, but this week has brought great clarity. Caroline "pphtthh'd" at me as I hoisted her into the car and I close the door and gave her the death stare through the window. As we drove out of the lot, I calmly went through the brief history of time since pickup. "You tossed your sweater at me, you refused to wear your coat, you ran away from me in the parking lot, you "phhhttthh'd" me, and you are now whining. All of this in the three minutes since I got you from school. Let's put this behavior behind us and move on so we can enjoy the night." And it worked. I did not raise my voice. I did not lose my cool. It just worked and there was peace in the land. WIN! See, I did learn something this week!

I had one who asked for salad and one who asked for green beans at dinner and I couldn't bear one of them refusing their vegetable when the main course was Caroline's most favorite "pasta with butter." She ate two helpings of pasta (and most of Connor's!) and two servings of salad and then asked for more blue cheese dressing, which she licked off her fingers. Connor played in the sink again while the girls had an ABBA dance party. We took videos, but I lack the energy to go through that process.

The kids took a shower together. Connor was so upset that he didn't get to take a tub, I had to drag him into the bathroom from the corner he was cowering in, which I know won't win me any mother of the year awards. His sister, to her credit, put her arm around him and reassured him. We got him done fast and I gave her the go ahead to rinse her curl conditioner out while I dried and diapered him. While I toweled him off I told him how proud I was of his bravery and gave him a big high five. Caroline pulled on her pjs while I hung the towels and by the time I returned, Connor was in his pjs too, courtesy of big sister. For real, she got him dressed! If I had realized this was a possibility I would have done that sooner. Big Sister dressing Little Brother, could be a game changer!

I settled them into our bed with microwave popcorn and lemonade and while we had planned on an actual movie, the dance party had run long, and we had to settle for viewer's choice On Demand Disney Jr. They loved it. Throughout the show, "mommy, what you say in the da bathroom?" "I said you were brave!" "brave" another high five. That kid kills me.

Con went to bed and Caroline hung around while I typed up the last bit of my paperwork. With PBS "Royal Weddings" on in the background she fell asleep leaned up against me and I didn't move her until I had to leave to go get the laundry from the dryer. Sidenote: I should have flown through all the shows on the DVR that are just for me, but instead I watched a lot a PBS, a scary amount of WWII coverage on the Military channel (?!), and if I am being honest, all the current episodes of Dance Mom available, both the original and Miami. In fact, there are other odd things about how we did things this week that are so completely outside of the norm like the fact that we only played downstairs in the play area exactly once all week. I kept them busy upstairs with dance parties and fires and snacks and activities with scissors and those amazing Bananagrams tiles that they didn't even lament about not being able to make a horrific mess for mom, party of one, to clean up. I washed most of the dishes by hand. Why? I cleaned out several drawers in the kitchen and the medicine/beauty product shelf of the linen closet. Again, Why? I spent more time in our bed this week than in the entire month of May, but clearly that was because it was the comfiest place to be all by my lonesome when the kids went to bed.

It has been quite a journey this week, transformative in many ways for all of us, Steve included. I'm not sure what I am looking forward to more; Steve coming home, the meal I have planned for him, the glass of wine I will guzzle, or the swiftness with which I will be able to fall asleep knowing we are all under one roof.


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