Myrtle Beach, SC

The whole McFam was lucky enough to spent some time together in South Caroline this past week.

The weather might have made us pale northerners stick out from the crowd a bit, but it was bike week, so there were plenty of other people getting looks from the people watchers. We had one solid beach day, but

we all agreed we did things we wouldn't have normally done.

We visited Alligator Adventure! Caroline says we saw "twenty" and Connor says we saw "two," but we really saw way too many to count. It wasn't just gators either. There were tigers and turtles and parrots and bats and SNAKES. I got over my intense fear of snakes and took Caroline into the Serpent Room where I nearly passed out at the sight of the Burmese Python... until we got to a window where I couldn't find the snake and then I was sure I kept spotting one slithering on the ground. Caroline wants me to share the story of the Tiger Feeding, where she saw a tiger "eat his hot dog without taking the wrapper off (in actuality it was a huge chicken bone) and then puke it all up, and then eat it again." This was by far Kiki's favorite part of our time at Alligator Adventure. Here is Auntie with our favoite little lyle, lyle crocodile, a pile of juvenile American Alligators, the kids getting friendly with a safe to touch gator, and Con being Con.

A visit to the new Sky Wheel along the Boardwalk was a must. Both kids told us it was their favorite part of the trip when we snuggled in bed before Shel Silverstein last night. Caroline can't wait to bring her "I heart SkyWheel" sticker to show and tell this week.

No trip to Myrtle Beach would be complete without some golf, so we managed to fit in a quick round.

One pint sized traveler preferred The Muppet Movie and made her impatience known to one and ALL. As Auntie kerry said, she was just saying what all the grown ups want to say, but can't. "I WANT TO GET OFF, I DON'T WANT TO BE ON THE PLANE ANYMORE!"

The other enjoyed the actual flight so much that when we hit some pretty scary turbulance at one point causing a woman to scream, he laughed and said "Do it again!" He was so into the flight prep on the ramp at the airport that we even tried to say hello to a pilot. To the Douchey US Airways pilot who refused to acknowledge the little boy who said "Hi Pilot," ppppttthhhhh.

Aside from the laughs, the great memories, and spending time with some of our favorite people, this was by far my favorite moment. Connor insisted on pulling the kid's rolling bag all the way from the carousel when we arrived, all the way to check in, and then ALL the way through Logan to the car. by himself. People in the airport cautioned, "aren't there laws against that?" The men who braved seats behind and then in front of us offered to take him golfing with them, so long as he brought his own beer money. My least favorite moment would be when he took a nap on me during our layover in D.C. and pooped the most awful poop of forever that permeated the air around him and I swear to you I could smell it all the way from D.C. to Boston. Thanks to Little Keeks and Big Papa for their sweet southern hospitality.


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