Operation Canadian, oh whatever, is he home yet?

Day Four here and we are really ready for Daddy to mosey on back from Canada ANY OL' TIME. We are managing surprisingly well, though every little task seems to take a lot longer without the extra pair of parental hands. Cleaning up from dinner and making lunches is like a march through an endless desert, but I've found some ways to get through that time. Fill the sink and let Connor "clean" the silverware, stir the water, and exclaim, "bubbles!" over and over. Write a sentence of Caroline's choosing on a piece of paper and pass over the Bananagram tiles. That girl went to town tonight hunting down letters to spell out "who took the ball." Thank you, Bananagrams.
It may have been our best morning yet to accomplish my goal of "relaxed, yet ontime." Thursday morning is the worst day in terms of morning rush, so we are ALL getting to bed a little early tonight in anticipation. I'm up waiting for the fire to die down enough to safely get to sleep without having nightmares of you know, the house burning down or my own personal worst fear in life, having to choose which one of them to save. So yeah, DIE fire DIE.

Oh, did I fail to mention that we had a fire tonight? I prepped that fire before I even went to get to them from school, sweeping out the hearth, crunching the paper under the stacked wood. I picked up some of those super long "S'more Stix" and a bag of Jet Puffed Marshmallows. After dinner (the crowd pleaser chicken tacos) we lit the fire and roasted marshmallows. I panicked the entire time that one of them would poke their eye out with the ridiculously pointy stick and I would get a big FAIL for this week. The kids loved it. We must have spent a good half hour enjoying the fire, roasting barely cooked marshmallows (they cannot yet appreciate a perfectly roasted melty marshmallow), and listening to quiet music. This means they each ate at least 6 marshmallows. Good God, what was I thinking. Thankfully, American Idol came on and I moved the television over to the living room and Caroline had herself a little dance party. That girl loves herself some American Idol, though she is a little peeved that Colton got voted off.

I captured one of the best photos of Caroline tonight. After a car ride that included the statement, "I am the mother and you are the five-year-old, that's why," it was nice to see her smiling and sitting so nicely. I can see her grown up self in this shot. What a beauty, inside and out.

Here is the actual roasting. LONG stix! I had the two we used cleaned and stored back in the original bag before I realized (and said outloud), "Oh God, this is exactly what Kiki would do." (Keeks, that's a compliment!)

Later, one down, one to go.

Two more sleeps.


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