Operation Canadian Tuxedo Day 3

We slept in this morning. I think we all needed a little break and some extra snuggle time. When Steve called at 7 over the iPad, we hadn't done very much in the way of getting ready for the day. The kids loved seeing him, but are still way more impressed/excited by seeing themselves on the screen.

Steve sent some photos of the view from his company's office. He would want me to stress to you that this is not zoomed in at all. They are really this close to the Rogers Center and the CN Tower.

He headed over to the Rogers Center after his class got out to catch part of the Blue Jays game. Why wouldn't he?

The kids and I enjoyed breakfast for dinner; the waffle edition. They gorged. I gorged. There was lots of syrup and confectioner's sugar.

After dinner the kids enjoyed the other big surprise of the day; matching tool belts from IKEA. Seriously, adorable. You can sort of see it around Connor's waist. He was not so sure about the whole wearing the belt thing at first, but monkey see, monkey do. Once Caroline put hers on and I started siging, "Handy Caro," he was all in. Here they are "Handy Mannying" the doll highchair. Caroline got down on her knees and examined the underside of the tray and annouonced, "Yup, I thought so, we are to have to take this apart and start over. Sorry Buddy."

It also bears mentioning that Operation Canadian Tuxedo prompted this lovely photo snagged by my cous Kris on the T.

More fun Wednesday. Just three more sleeps. 


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