We dropped Steve off at the train this morning. That meant an early Friday morning departure. I treated the kids to Dunkin' before heading to school (awesome Mom that I am) and found myself in such a caffeinated good mood with the holiday weekend ahead that we had ourselves a little 80's dance party. "Thriller" came on and boy, did Caroline love the zombie arms I demonstrated for her. She laughed and "car danced" all the way until the voice at the end of the song. You know the one I mean. I turned around smiling to check on her and there she was, absolutely terrified, hands over her ears. I reassured her, it was OK, and the man was going to laugh and wouldn't that be funny? It wasn't. His laugh made her squirm in her seat and thankfully, Rick Springfield saved the day with "Jessie's Girl.

I was reminded of my own experience with "Thriller." Thanks to satellite radio I know that the song debuted in 1984, when I was six years old. I might have been the biggest six year old Michael Jackson fan. I used to scream when he came on the television, I would yell upstairs to my mother, "Mom, Michael Jackson is on, come quick!" I owned an LP of the Thriller album and I regularly danced to it in the living room or in my bedroom on my Fisher Price record player. When that music video came out, it was a very big deal. They were debuting it on MTV, but the local video store was renting it. I begged my parents, pleaded with them, to please rent it for me. They tried to talk me out of it, "it's scary!" I was undeterred. It was Michael, and I HAD to see it. They acquiesced. I watched approximately 30 seconds of it and hid my head in the sofa. I could hardly sleep that night, certain that the undead were lying there in the space between my bed and the wall, waiting for me to fall asleep so they could eat my brain.

I often say that Caroline is so very much like Steve, but where scary things are concerned, she is ALL Mommy.


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