Father's Day

I asked and asked and asked some more, but steve would not commit to a Father's Day plan. When I saw a tweet earlier this week linking to boston.com with a list of fun things to do in and around the city, I sprung into action and quickly secured tickets to the Father's Day Lunch Cruise on the Spirit of Boston. Steve was game, it was downtown, the weather looked good, the menu seemed adult and kid friendly, there would be balloons and ice cream.

It was a total win, unless you count the nearly 10 minutes an exhausted Connor (an hour late on his nap) spent clawing at my face and pulling my hair. OR the little girl slipping and cracking her head open during the mass exodus. It was our collective worst nightmare, aside from a kid falling overboard, of course. Little girls in long flowy dresses with slippery fancy shoes walking down steep steps. She was ok. She did leave by ambulance, but I think it was most likely just for stitches. Just stitches. gulp.

I think we might have ourselves a little tradition here. It was spendy, but so worth it. We lucked out with a window table and the kids stuffed warm rolls into their bellies pointing out the sights in the harbor. Connor loved Castle Island so much he insisted we take a photo in front of it and not the skyline as planned. Caroline refused to get off the dance floor and even got Daddy to shake it for a few minutes. The balloons were intense, the kids decorated ties with fabric markers (Caroline wrote "Love you caroline" with no parental prompting whatsoever) and it just felt very special. Good memories. Happy Day. Tired kids. Napping Daddy.


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