"if I'm sweating, I'm still alive"

Ask and you shall receive.

I ran to my playlist again last night for the first time (thanks to the rainy weather this week) since Sunday. I still love it and I think now having run a race to these songs, I love it even more. It was the best mile and a half run I have had to date. We did a "family walk" before I ran solo with the kids and it was getting too late to run more than about 15 minutes. The kids always end up riding in the stroller when we go on these walks, which is fine. Last night Caroline walked the entire time, pushing her baby stroller, over a mile. Connor took my hand when we started and said, "I run with you Mama" and he did. He toddler ran along in front of us and I can't help but feel that "Mama's race" inspired that.

"if you are sweating, you are still alive"

I'm Shipping Up to Boston - from The Departed Soundtrack, Dropkick Murphys
Clocks - Coldplay
Hey, Soul Sister - Train
Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine
Callin' Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks, Double Live Version
Rock and Roll (Part 2) - Gary Glitter
Without You - Keith Urban
Lose Yourself - Eminem
American Saturday Night - Brad Paisley
Chariots of Fire - from the motion picture soundtrack
Whatever it is - Zac Brown Band
Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga
Staying Alive - Wyclef Jean
Dream On - Aerosmith

The first song was a really good choice, the instrumental start really got me going, despite the misty rain. Clocks is the song that Seve and I were introduced to at our wedding, so I knew it would make me think of our family and propel me forward after the initial adrenaline rush of the start. Caroline used to sing Soul Sister to Connor when he was a baby. Dog Days are Over, worked for about half the song, when it got to the slower part I think I skipped the rest because I just needed something with a more consistent beat. Garth, love Garth, really moved me along. I only listened to about half of Rock and Roll Part 2, but it was ok. The beginning always gets me moving and the beat is a good one to run to with my stride. Keith Urban makes me think of Steve and I thought of them around the corner up ahead where I thought they would be at Centre and Bellevue. Eminem came on as I hit the stretch I expected to see Steve and the kids on and I was PUMPED up. When I didn't see them I thought I truly had lost myself in the moment. Brad Paisley, I love this song, it's just upbeat and fun. I finished to Chariots of Fire. I didn't plan it that way, I really thought I would have fast forwarded more and gotten to Dream On, but I think futuristically I might move Dream on to where Rock and Rock Part II is because that was where I needed the help.

The songs I didn't get to...

Whatever It Is makes me think of Auntie Colleen and Hokie because it is featured in their wedding video, but I also run really well to it. It isn't the fastest song, but the beat works for me. Suddenly I See I personally interpret as realizing after Caroline was born that this was all I really wanted to be, her mom. Gaga, please, no explanation necessary, especially this song. Wyclef, I just like it, I know every word and it reminds me of college.

I hope this might give you a couple more songs to consider including OR that if not these, you might consider not just putting in fast songs, but meaningful songs that have personal meaning and will help to remind you who is waiting for ou at the finish. I know that helped me.

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  1. Thanks!! I love knowing what other people use for running music. I have a couple of these on my playlist already and there's some I've never heard so I'll check them out. One of my running favs is Sweet Caroline. I think you know why. :)