the one about the first day of camp

We prepped, we tried no less than three backpacks, we dutifully labeled everything, we packed a lunch of her choosing, we braided hair into a side pony, and we took the obligatory "first day of" photo. She clapped as the car started, she teased her brother that he wasn't going, she whined at every red light on the way, and she raced back to the car from dropping Connor off at school. I read her the day's schedule, I reminded her that even if it rained there would be things to do, I assured her I would be there to pick her up this afternoon, I took a deep breath, I teared up when she exclaimed, "it was my day of school, and now it is my first day of camp, and I am so excited!" We parked, embraced Evan, waved to Abby, and then she got shy. First refusing to be in the first day of camp photo with friends and then, when the bus pulled in, she let go of all the anxiety she had been holding onto for five months and cried into my shoulder. Her friends raced to comfort her, hold her hand and she pushed them away. I walked with her in line line, holding her hand, Pointing out that the bus counselor's name was Ariel and wondering aloud if she knew Merida! I backed away as she got closer, heard her give her name loud and clear, and watched her climb up and onto the bus that would deliver ever so safely to camp in the middle of a lightening storm. I stood in the pouring rain, umbrellaless, watching her cry and shake her head no at me, all the while urging her on with a big smile and two thumbs pointed up towards the sky, hoping beyond hope that the bus would pull away soon and this part would all be over. She's on her way. It's raining. I fought every muscle in my body not to follow that bus all the way there. The summer's begun for her, a whole new chapter. I'm not sure what kind of girl I will pick up this afternoon, but it's a milestone nonetheless.

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  1. Can't wait to see her this afternoon. I am sure that just like with singing, she won't be able to hold back, and will enjoy her time. You guys have prepared her well for this awesome opportunity.