so, I ran a 5K

it's true.

Perhaps you know that I have twice locked myself out of the house "going for a run." I tweeted that the world was trying to tell me something and that something, was that I am not meant to run. I never really understood running. I mean, why would anyone get dressed to run to absolutely nowhere? The few times I did try to get on the running train, it just annoyed me. I was sweaty and I couldn't breathe and it was terrible, WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THIS?

I don't really have a whole lot of time for exercise, especially in the winter. I absolutely HATE being cold. I love making rich amazing winter stews and comfort food. I do not love what they did to my scale this year, the highest numbers I have ever seen. I just wasn't feeling very fit. In fact, I questioned how this was possible. I blamed the Whole Foods salad bar. I blamed my pants for shrinking in the dryer. I hypothesized in my head that my amazing mostly greens lunch was making me large. I blamed eating lunch at all.

I am not a big midday eater. Until recently, I would search the car for a granola bar or a bag of almonds for lunch. I realized that I was coming home famished without any energy to take on the night with the kids and I was snippy and ugh. So I started eating a good lunch. I felt great, more energized, more tolerant... but the pounds kept going up on my scale and the pile of illfitting clothes kept growing.

So about a month ago, Steve mentioned to Uncle Marc that I had randomly started to run at night after dinner. Something had to be done and I wasn't finding time to hit the gym. He was not exactly enjoying handling the kids solo during the insane time between meal and bed, but he was doing it. Uncle Marc sent me a link to a 5K he was running and I immediately sumbitted my information and paid the fee. I knew it was the only thing that would keep me motivated and you know what, it did. I'm pretty sure it wasn't that I wanted to hit a certain time, but that I didn't want to embarass myself and not finish the race. I ran while we were in South Carolina, I ran at the beach that really hot Memorial Day weekend. I fit in a run a few nights a week and I kept improving my distance and my time. The scale started to move just a tiny bit, but the clothes, I could wear some of them again. I bought an adorable running skirt with ruffles, more motivation. I found a hot pink visor to hold back the sweat from my eyes and make sure my family could spot me. I ran. I ran. I ran.

This past Sunday, I lined up with Uncle Marc, Amy and Courtney in the 8 minute mile group and listened to Rene Rancourt sing the National Anthem, penned in with 2000 other people, all running to nowhere. The gun went off and we started moving and I hit the play button on my phone. Off I went, in the misty rain, no turning back now, with the biggest smile on my face. Courtney had recommended the faster group to give myself some room and she was right, but man, it felt terrible to have everyone running by me for the first mile. I stopped for water at the top of a hill because wow, it was a HILL (nearly choking between gasps), and then once again to stretch my side because I realized I had been so tense in my upper body from the anxiety of doing this that my shoulders were practically touching my ears. My "if you are sweating, you are still alive playlist" was full of awesomeness and as I rounded the turn for the downhill (thank you jesus) finish, "Chariots of Fire" (HA!) was playing in my ears. I spotted my family, cut off several people, and didn't care, just to get to them. I grabbed Caroline's hand and took her with me, her screaming all the way, and we crossed that finish line together. I hadn't planned on celebrating my finish with a sobbing screaming girl, but that's how it was. "I couldn't have finished this race without you!" I told her. It was true. Just knowing Steve and the kids were there at the end, cheering me on, waiting for me to finish, that's what got me to that line. It felt good, I felt great, and there was free beer. I finished in 31:46. I'm pretty proud of myself. As Steve said, I couldn't even run one mile a month ago and I never truly ran more than three until the actual race.

I'm already planning my next race. I'm not sure if I will ever run the marathon I have on my life list, but for now, 5K is good enough for me. It means I am out there, being good to my body, making it work, and though I am not always a fan of doing it, I absolutely feel so much better after I am done... especially when both kids fetch me water and comment on how sweaty I am.

(please note adorable ruffled skirt)


  1. Yay! Congratulations! I'm signed up for a 5k in 2 months and I'm scared of being last! Can I ask what you have on your playlist?

  2. GO YOU!!!!! Take it little by little, trust does get addicting after a while. Most weekends I can't wait to get out there for an hour or two to myself. I found building up the endurance to run the first couple of miles was hardest...everything hurt. But once you get over that hump, it DOES get better.

    AND if you get really motivated...the City of Oaks (that's Raleigh) half marathon is November 4th. I'm running it and you can too! Seriously, last year at this time I couldn't run more than 10 feet, I didn't start training until July...and I did it. You are ahead of the game.

    I also want your playlist cause I'm in need of shaking mine up a bit.

    Off to my lunchtime run! I was going to skip out but you just motivated me to get off my tush.