mommy's boy

Steve and I tried your wonderful suggestion to initiate a Daddy and Connor only activity this weekend. It seemed simple enough; a Tag Sale run on the way to pick up breakfast for the fam. We got through it, and I use that term loosely, it didn't go nearly as well as we hoped. Per Steve, he spent most of the time Caroline and I were gone clutching his sippy cup, his monkey lovey, telling Steve over and over again that he wanted Mommy. Deep Sigh. It's a start.

I've thought about it a lot and with the two of them at home, there is less of us to go around. What I mean is, there is less time I can give to talking the kid screaming for me off his ledge. It has just been easier to pick him up, put him on my hip, sit him beside me on the counter. Well played, ConCon, well played. You may have safely secured your spot as "baby" in McCasa. I blame myself for part of this mommy obsession, so I am taking a very active role in correcting it.

It's simple operant conditioning right? Squawk and get picked up. Scream for Mommy and she relents. Why would he think it should be any different? It will take some time to fix, but we have already gotten him to a point where he looks at us after his shower and declares that Mommy will put on his pj bottoms and Daddy will take care of the top. That's a win, albeit a small one, but a win nonetheless.

It will happen and boy, I'd be lying if I told you that there wasn't a piece of me that enjoys being his special grown up. We have a deep and special bond right now that I will miss when it morphs into something else in a year or two. Still, when your boy walks around telling you he is "mommy's boy," you have to cock your head to the side and say, hmmmmm? Is that okay? This is a time in his life I will have to hold close, knowing that each step away from his mommycentric ways is a step toward healthy and appropriate independence.


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