I gave Steve the best night of his life last night. I'm sure he will be thanking me for weeks, smiling at me across the room, bringing me dark chocolate sea salt caramels.

I let him sleep with the air conditioner on.

The Thermostat War rages all year round in our house. In the cold of winter, I sneak it up a couple degrees after I have already put on an additional layer and pulled on my mittens. I relish in the warmth of a 68 degree house when I can steal it away. I saunter back to the thermostat after we've gone to bed to click his 64 to 65. I add blankets to the kids' beds, pull on socks to sleep, and sigh loudly and defiantly because THE COLD.

When spring hits, the War takes a momentary pause and we open the windows, enjoying the fresh air. We eat dinners on the porch, we spend a few nights watching television out there with wine, me under a blanket. Sometime between April and May the first heat hits and my opened windows are no longer welcome and Steve starts getting itchy to hoist the air conditioners upstairs. I fight this as long as I possibly can, mostly because we have an enormous unit that stays in the dining room window year round. That one unit cools most of the house and I am usually able to push him off until mid May or June. Once the 90 degree days start, all hope is lost and he will spend a morning placing units in windows. The War rages on.

Our home enters a dark time between June and September. I keep the curtains drawn to keep the heat out, the bedroom doors close and the cool air gushes in behind them, whirring away from the time we get home until we tuck the kids into bed one last time.

I spend much of my evening searching for my snuggi to escape the fan Steve turns on the moment he sits down in the family room. He claims I cannot feel it, but c'mon, we all know that isn't true. I sigh. He tells me to turn it off, but I don't, because no one wins this fight. If I'm warm enough, he's hot. If I'm too cold, he's comfortable.

This War has been raging a long time. Last night, with a cease fire agreement to leave the air conditioner on all night, I tucked myself under three layers of covers and turned away from the window hoping the blowing wind would keep away. A girl showed up in our room at 3:55 AM because "something beeped in her room." Steve put her back to bed, checked on the little man sleeping his second night in his "transitional" toddler bed, and promptly went back to sleep. I struggled desperately to get back to sleep, feeling the cool breeze, the loud whirring, and ended up cocooned into the blankets, with the comforter blocking my face from the offending air. While I lay there struggling to sleep, I realized this is a new battle in the War.

The last time we lived with air conditioners (before last summer, our first in this house), was our tiny little one bedroom apartment in Brighton. There I slept with the air conditioner approximately 6 inches from my face and it was a hot summer and all, but I hate sleeping with it on. I don't sleep well, I wake up frozen, I don't like it one bit. When we moved to Natick we were introduced to central air. The War was still on, but the air conditioner battle went away and as long as we could reach some sort of compromise it went largely unnoticed, though I still spent a great deal of time under a blanket. Fairfield, Stratford, a summer at Kiki and Papa's while we relocated. Air, Air, Air. This battle with the all night air conditioner is new and I dislike it immensely.

I imagine that in 40+ years as we approach our 50th anniversary, we will still be arguing about the thermostat. No one wins. I think that would be my advice to new couples. Never suffer in silence, compromise where you can, and every once in awhile give him a night he will never forget.


  1. I have the same problem. Aron cranks it down, I sit there with a blanket on. At night, even with the a/c on, he's kicking off covers and I'm loading up.

  2. anelise9:40 AM

    You would hate our home...we put the AC on at the first sign of heat or any humidity that may interfere with sleep. We put it on 62-64 max to sleep. Thankfully we both run hot and like to sleep in cold rooms. We will however never agree on the right volume for the TV and i will forever be turning it down.

  3. Sunds like you should get pregnant again! ;) I am always sooooooo hot when pregnant! HAH! That's a good solution, right?

  4. Kate, yes! Exactly! I like being cozy as much as the next girl, but I could do without the year round blanket.

  5. Anelise, stve would like to know when he can move in.

  6. Kristen, you make a good point, but that only accounts for 3/4 of a year every year or two. What do I do the rest of the time?? ;)