idle time

I quietly left my position this week. I released my computer to IT and practically skipped out of my office. I hit the parking lot, started my car, and didn't look back. An air of uncertainly rests around me now, but it's my air, my doing, and I like it that way. I think I like it that way?

Nothing but time today and yesterday. Kerri being Kerri, I scheduled myself silly, created an impossible to finish to do list, and off I went.

Did I sit and eat bon bons? No. Did I catch up on all the things on the DVR and on demand I have been meaning to get to? No. I did log in a ridiculous amount of time working on a Halloween Party in town, but more on that later. Dear Lord, what did I get myself into? I checked items off that ever evolving and growing to do list that included fun things like Homegoods for Pillows, Trader Joe's for snacks, a hair cut wherein I caught up on most of my trashy mags, and a test drive for a car we are considering. It also included things like researching a snow blower, laundry, reorganizing the plasticware (oh, how I loathe gladware!), and planning the logistics for the transition.

There are some fun things planned before my new gig begins; an afternoon at the Aquarium with Lyle and Auntie C, a night away at the beach with Steve to celebrate our anniversary, a morning to sleep in (thanks Auntie K), and a day with just Mommy and the kids on Monday. Four days until the next tomorrow.


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